Waiting for mammogram results and ultrasound

Hi I am 38 yrs old and found a thickened area on my left breast around 7 weeks ago, I left it a full cycle before consulting gp who referred me to breast clinic yesterday, whilst at the clinic the nurse couldn’t find my area of concern but sent me for a mamagram and ultrasound to check as my boobs are lumpy anyway. Once in xray dept I am told I wouldn’t be having ultrasound as they couldn’t fit me in today so they would ring me in the week with an appointment but sent me for a mammogram which was carried out however during the mammogram the technician was more concerned about my other breast and did 3 magnifying images of my nipple? When I was leaving I saw image of nipple and it was very bright white should I be concerned?

Hi Jenmar76

I’m sorry you still don’t have any answers and are left waiting for another appointment.  It might help to phone our Helpline.  They’ll be able to offer you some information and support.  They are open today from 10-2 and then on weekdays 9-5.  The number is 0808 800 6000

Very best wishes


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