Waiting for Mamogramm results (1 year anniversary)

Was wondering how long everyone has waited for their mamo results had mine on 28th March and still haven’t heard a thing,my appointment to onc isn’t until july, starting to go a bit nuts.

Hi I got mine 3 weeks later just a short letter through the post. . I would give them a call if I were you it must be excrutiating waiting

I rang my breast nurse yesterday and she left me a msg today saying everything was fine,such a big relief,very happy.

Great news! Well done xx

Great news but what a time you had to wait… I had the same thing happen to me, went to doctor on unrelated probs and he was able to tell me it was ok. Later I phoned hospital and breast care nurse also gave me the good news she said a letter would be sent but I am still waiting for that 5 months later. So bad, they must realise it’s so important to get results quickly.

Thanks for posting your question belfor. I logged on to ask the same thing, although for me it’s my 4 year anniversary. I don’t know why I’m nervous this time around. I think I’ll follow advice and give my BC nurse a ring.

take care ladies.