Waiting for my core biopsy this Friday

i have been reading this forum for the last couple of weeks since I found a lump and went to GP last Monday and by last Thursday evening after a fine needle asp found I had two lumps in one breast both showing cancer cells (multi focal ).one 15mm one 30mm.
I have a core biopsy this Friday and consultans seems to think first line treatment will be mastectomy. I am a bit all over the place really as such a shock in a short space of time . I have been reading the forum about multi focal and realise it may not be too bad . At first I thought it’s spreading everywhere but then after a couple of days - well could be good it’s all in one place . Also saw that some breast cancer develops and bone cancer is a problem as my wrists have been clicking recently I am worried about that too . Just about everything is going on in my head. Dreamt last night my husband left me !
I do love reading the sucess stories and as the Macmillan nurse told me its not a death sentence . I just want the results and to know what I am dealing with . I have spoken to the helpline on here and it was brilliant.

Oh can anyone explain or tell me wher to find a legend to all the abbreviations on the forum . Secretly I think you are all trainee doctors :slight_smile:

Hi sorry you are in this situation
There is a glossary on the left in the list of topics
Hope it’s useful
I had two lumps multi focal and was told a mastectomy (mx) but ended up having them removed by wide local excision s (wle) and no mx. Had a sentinel node biopsy at same time which was negative.
The biopsies which you have had already were worse then the operation!
The Macmillan helpline are right, it is not a death sentence. There will come a time when you will see that. I spent three months of panic but once I started chemo I go positive. You might not even have chemo. Now I am visualising going back to work!
There is info on this site called understanding your pathology report…I think it’s under breast cancer information at the top. I read it and then compiled a list of questions for consultant. I took a friend who wrote down all the answers.
Please keep busy and all best wishes to you. You are not alone

Hello Rara and thanks for your positive reply.
Its so great to hear that people have had much better outcomes than anticipated . I do hope my’n is as good as yours.
I will definatly look into the understanding pathology report you mention. It may well help me when I get my results next week .

I am yet to see the ’ main man’ it was his next in command I saw last week after a very very long one stop clinic as the main guy was on holiday . So he may well have a differnt viewpoint on which first line treatment and how extensive it will be … thanks again …

you have managed to help me feel more positive already

Hi Bonnie , Hope you hear some positive news today Kathy x