hi all.i had a lumpectomy and 14 lymphnodes removed on 24/01/08 and went to get my results on 11/02/08.I was told that the lymphnodes were clear and they also had tissue clearance around the lump.they then informed me that i would need radiotherapy,zoladex 2 years and tamoxifen 5 years.The problem is ,all of this is to be sorted at a different hospital and it has been 2 weeks now and i have not heard anything from them.I phoned them this morning and they said that i was not on their computer systems yet.So after all that my question is IS IT NORMAL TO WAIT THIS LONG FOR A REFERAL TO SEE THE ONCOLOGIST?

Hello Minimode
I had my second op on 9th Nov 07 and saw the oncologist on 22nd Nov but was told there had to be a 6 week wait between op and rads. Started rads on 20th Dec. I was treated at haslar gosport and at Portsmouth. Perhaps different areas have diffferent routines
Best wishes

I had a lumpectomy 23 Aug 2007 ,resuts on 6 September and saw the oncologist on 9 October. Could have seen him late
September but was on holiday until 4 October . It may have helped that I had phoned the oncologist’s secretary about my holiday dates and found her very helpful. She gave me the appointment date. I was treated in Cheltenham.

If you are worried try asking to speak to the secretary .The least she can do is give you a rough idea of when you will get an appointment to put your mind at rest.

Good luck


Hi Minimode

I have just seen your comments and we are on the same treatment programme. I had my WLE and SNB on the 9th Jan (dx 24th Dec) and am having the radiotherapy,tamoxifen 5 yrs and zoladex 2 yrs route too. My appointment with the oncologist was on the 28th Jan. I am being treated at Sockport Stepping Hill Bobby Moore Unit but the oncologist is from Christies. I think from what other ladies have said it was all very quick (quicker than most I am in touch with a lady who waited for nearly 7 weeks). I have seen your other message regarding the initial appointment and notice we had our biopsies and mammogramms only two days apart.

I have had 3 of 19 sessions of radiotherapy started my tamoxifen a month ago and had my first zoladex injection today. Hope this info is of some use to you. Dont panic that it seems ages. I think its the same thing we all feel in here “Its the waiting”. It was my breast nurses who seemed to keep on top of all the specialists and got me my appointments and also pushed for results. My initial appointment with the oncologist was actually at my original hospital. Perhaps give yours a ring along with the oncologists secretary as Diane suggested.

Good luck with everything. Shonagh xx

Hi everyone,thanks for your reply’s.Think i will ring the breast care nurse to see if she can find any more information out for me.Just feel like i cant get on with sorting out going back to work until i know where things stand.Know it sounds silly but feel like my hormones are raging and it is those that contributed to bc in the first place and it worries me that i am having no treatment for that yet! this thursday will be 5 weeks since i had the op and the hospital i am going to see the oncologist at has not even received a referral letter yet!! Sure i am worrying for nothing but i am just having one of those days.Gill

I had my surgery on 25th January and after an initial follow-up with my surgeon on 31st I was given an appointment to see the oncologist on 5th February so my appointment was really quick. The oncologist and breast care nurse were both at the intial appointment and the BCN did the referrals for physio etc … they were awaiting the final HER2 test results before they decided on my treatment plan. I was back at the oncologist on 19th February by which time they had received the results and decided on the Radiotherapy and Tamoxifen route. I am in physio every day this week to get me ready for the CT Stimulator appointment to plan my rads this Friday - the rads start on 18th March. So my appointments have all been exceptionally quick.

Phone your breast care nurse and ask her about the wait.

Phoned the breast care nurse today and she faxed over my refferal letter to the oncology department.Goodness knows where the one from 2 weeks ago is.Just goes to show that it is sometimes worth a call.The problem is i worry they think i am being a nuisance.Thanks for all your reply’s.GILL

Hi Gill,

Well done and good news about the appointment. Keep on top of them, they are usually lovely people and there for you. You Go Girl. I know what you mean about hormones. Feel like they are the root of all evil at the minute (I’m 100% er+ and 80%pr+) having a very wierd day my first day of what may be my last period for two years and had my first zoladex injection yesterday to stop them!!! Yikes!!! Talk about a conflict of interests.
Shonagh x

Hi gill
Soo much waiting and of course we do not want to trouble anyone!! I had WLE and SNB 18th Jan, then did not get results til 6th Feb. then had 2nd op, re-excision last week, 5 weeks after first op, and now wait for results for this, hopefully sometime next week! I was told it would not make a difference that the rads were to be delayed!! Well they cannot start til the wound has healed. I have no idea how long it will be before I get to see the oncologist. It makes it very difficult with regard to getting back to work.
Anyway Gill I do hope you appointment comes through very quickly so you can get it done and get on with the rest of your life, love Alice

Hi Gill

I phoned and got a cancellation, my appointment was 4th March but I had first appointment last friday and start chemo this friday. So when you get your letter it might be worth ringing and just asking!!


Hi all,Shonagh how was the injection?Have had a few comments on how much they hurt(from those people around me who just cant help but tell you) and yet i have read no comments on here to say they are bad!! I am not sure of % and things yet.gather that is what the oncologist goes through with me?Thinking of it as a bit of a bonus that we can go swimming and on holidays without worrying about periods(the only plus side i have found yet) Alice hope your results are better ones this time for you.The surgeon told me that a few weeks wont make a diiference to any treatments and results and i do know that but someone needs to tell my racing mind !! Thanks karen.When i get my appointment through i will see what the date is and ring if i feel the date is too far away.


YIPPEE, good luck for tomorrow Gill
love Alicex

Hi Gill

That is brilliant news, make a note of anything you want to ask they went through what the chemo was (name of), how often I was to be given it and the side effects also the reason for giving me that particular one also other treatments tamoxifen and possibly rads.

I am back tomorrow for blood tests and to be shown around the Chemo Suite and to go through the info again. Ithen start on friday at 11am.

My chemo will begin one week to the day after I saw Onc, dont know if yours will be the same. Let me know how you get on and I will report how my net appt goes not until 2.30pm so will probably be late.

Sending hugs



Hi Gill,

Amazing about time too. Well done for sticking to your guns and chasing it and GOOD LUCK for tomorrow or today if you are reading this on Thursday.

My injection wasnt too bad. My GP gave me a local first to numb the area. Phil (my OH) was in the room (nosey bugger) and said the needle is quite thick…I wasnt looking… It did bleed a bit but no more than when they take a blood sample. So far so good two days later and still no side effects though I did think I was having a wobbly turn last night with the earthquake!!!

Hope everything goes well tomorrow. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you.

Love Shonagh xx

Hi Karen,

I’m sure I will be logging on tomorrow but just in case I miss you GOOD LUCK for Friday. I will be thinkng of you, hope you dont feel too yuk. Hope your mothers day isnt too grim.

Lots of love and luck Hun. Shonagh xx

Hi Shonagh

Thanks for your comments much appreciated, have you read the thread not always helpful bit sad really, lady feeling really unsupported by this site.

Sending Hugs



Hi everyone.Had my appointment and found out everything i needed.They gave me my first zoladex injection there and then and also gave me my tamoxifen to start today.They did say that the radiotherapy will probably start after easter now.They asked me if i wanted to know informatiom and% and they told me i am oestrogen positive and the % are really good.They said that going on the next 10 years they give me a 98% chance i will still be here.Well that was great news considering new years eve i was thinking video diaries and what special items to leave my children to remember me by.Enough about me.alice any results through for you yet?Shonagh,thanks for all your comments they have been brill because our diagnosis seems very similar and Karen good luck for your first chemo session on friday.Let us know how you get on.GILL

Bloomin fantastic news.*!*!*!
Yes indeed we are on the same path you and I.
I had my first zoladex on Monday and so far so good nothing major I started tamoxifen a month ago and the same there.

I saw that poor girls post and felt so badly for her and have posted too. Hope you dont mind.
Wishing you all the best for tomorrow thinking of you hun. Take it easy and look after yourself.

Hope the waiting isnt getting to you too much. I nearly drove my OH mad jumping at the phone every time it rang just in case they had the results sooner. Try to take it easy (pot, kettle as I am the most impatient person I know).

Hello to everyone else and love and luck to everyone. Shonagh xx

Hi Gill really pleased you are on track again. About time. : )
I have yet to get appointment for results of re-excision results.
Karen thinking of you for tomorrow.
Shonagh hope you are being kind to yourself
Take care all love Alicexxx