waiting for op

this is my first go on the forums, i was diagnosed almost 2 weeks ago, waiting for an operation and i think i have just relaxed slightly for the first time today. in fact i think i feel ok, just now anyway, its nice, i feel a bit ‘normal’ again. thought i would say hello to you all.

Hi Angiepops,

Welcome to the Waiting Room! Glad you seem to be dealing with your shocking diagnosis, but if you feel the need to moan, rant or need support, you have found a good place to do it. I’m not much further down the road, post op but waiting for results (less than 24 hours now!!) and will hopefully feel more in control with my treatment plan in place.

Keep asking questions; it helps to write them down as you think of them to ensure you don’t forget anything during your appointments. Best of luck, hope you are not in limbo for too long.

Best wishes,


Hi mm how did your op go? What did you have done and are you pleased with the results?
debcully x

a warm welcome and best wishes for your operation.

Hi Debcully,

I went in three weeks ago to have Mx (due to large amount of “unstable tissue” - IDC and DCIS) and SNB. My NHS Trust tests the sentinal node during the op, so if there are positive results they can take further nodes there and then, rather than coming back for another op later. Unfortunately, this is what happened to me, and with 2 positive nodes, I had ANC too. I have been lucky with very little pain (either that or I have a VERY high pain threshold!) but I have had arm stiffness and cording. This is only painful when I stretch too much, and is manageable with paracetamol and ibuprofen. However, after 3 weeks I have almost full motion of the arm, although I can’t stretch it too far yet. The scar is healing well, and even the swelling has almost all gone, with only a small amount of seroma still hanging around. My arm is still abit swollen, but as the drainage has to find new pathways, this is not a surprise.

I will be getting my post operative results tomorrow, and although all medical staff have flatly refused to confirm/deny which therapies I will be on other than Tamoxifen as I am ER+, I fully expect to get Chemo and Rads as the nodes are involved. However, I could be wrong…

Overall, I am pleased with the results, but don’t particularly like being lopsided - I haven’t decided what to do yet. But as this is still early days, I don’t have to decide for a while yet!

Best of luck with all your tests and procedures, there are lots of great ladies using this forum to offer advice. Although I have not yet needed to start a thread, I have found support in the writing of others. Hope you do too.

Best wishes,

Hi MM - did you get your results? I hope they were as good as you could have hoped for.