Waiting for referral appointment

Hi guys,

im new here, so will outline the bit about me first and then what’s going on.
Im 25, and a single parent to Archie, who’s 19months! I live by myself, with very little support from friends or family!
i havapplied even accepted into college for September to study an access course, retaking my gcses and a levels, and also health and social care, psychology and sociology, which should it be successful will hopefully lead to a university place to study midwifery :slight_smile:
i found a lump in my left breast last October, which was moveable and gave me a dull ache constantly, and shooting pains that would come and go. My doctor was fab and referred me straight to the breast clinic within a week. It’s was the worst week of my life, with not knowing what to expect etc. the staff at the breast clinic were also fab and made me feel as comfortable as they could. I had an ultrasound, by where they couldn’t really pin point what the lump was but were 100% sure that it was not breast cancer. I went away feeling so much more at ease, but they told me to keep checking it as I had done in the past, and should anything change then go back to my doctor for another referral.
the dull ache eased slightly, almost to the point of not noticing at all, but the shooting pains still came and went. Over the last few days I noticed that the lump had got noticeably bigger, and I can not be sure if it is two lumps, or just one very large one. The adult ache had returned and the shooting pains have got substantially worse.
so I called my doctor first thing, and again they were fab, and asked me to come to the surgery in 15 minutes time! she had a quick feel of my breast and said straight away that she was referring me under the urgent scheme (under 2 weeks I believe?) I was iN the surgery for all of 5 minutes. So now I just have t wait for my appointment without knowing what is really going on? Obviously I have been to the breast clinic so know Kind of what to expect, and I know people worry when they shouldn’t but its easier said than done, and I just wondered if anyone else had been in this position before or could offer any help/support/ advice?!
apologies for the long essay!!
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Nikki

You are absolutely right in saying that not worrying is easier said than done. I am a much older woman than you (62) and find it horrendous that you have nobody to support you. I’m glad though that you found this site, where you will find lots of ladies ready to advise and support you. I am putting a link to a thread for younger women, in the hope that you will find someone closer to your own age to ‘talk’ to.

You can also use the helpline on here and I’m also putting the link here for you to that page:


Wishing you good luck and sending big hugs to help you through the awful ‘waiting room’ stage.
Poemsgalore xx

thankyou so much for your kind words and support, it means alot :slight_smile:
i now have my appointment at the clinic for 20TH june (day before my birthday… how fun)

thanks again