Waiting for results after a core biopsy

I was called for a routine mammogram 2 weeks ago , I am 47 so this was my first . I had a recall letter 5 days later with a appointment to visit the breast clinic the following week. I wasnt to concerned as i was told quite alot of women get recalled . i visited the breast clinic on thursday 16th of feb , I was told that they were checking density in the left breast that was seen on my first mammogram .They repeated the mammogram on the left breast , i was then given a scan , but was told they couldnt find what they found on the mammogram , they repeated the mammogram and decided that a core biopsy needed to be done , 6 samples taken , i have been given my appointment for 24th feb for the results , i am just a little shell shocked , but feeling positive , i hope you dont mind me joining , but i feel it does help to off load

Hello Doe, what a horrible shock for you - you must feel shell-shocked! A core biopsy is not nice, so you might also be a bit sore? However- try not to let this run away with you … it may be nothing to worry about at all. Most lumps or other abnormalities that may appear ARE NOT cancer, and the fact that the ultrasound showed nothing ia also good. BUT, if it is something then it will be treated, and it is good that it was picked up so quickly (I found my own cancer at 46) - cancers picked up early by screening are often more easily treated than cancers picked up later when you can actually feel a lump! Waiting is the worst part, if your appointment is on the 24th then it isn’t too long, try not to worry too much (easier said than done, I know), and do whatever is best for you to try to take your mind off it. I’m sure that others will be along to support you soon too. Let us know what happens, and keep feeling positive! love, Mo x

Thanks Mo for your support ,just been keeping myself busy ,All the worrying changes nothing really . Hope you ok ?. Im not so sore today , the bruising is just coming through . Will keep you updated. Love Doe X

I’m in a very similar situation to you Doe. I had a routine mammo on monday and had phonecall next day asking me to go back on friday for more pictures and an ultrasound. I had that yesterday and had core biopsies taken. Another area showed on mammo but not ultrasound so I have to have stereotactic biopsy of that next week. Radiologist says he doesn’t think it is anything to worry about but they have to biopsy to be sure. At the moment my poor tender boob is really not looking forward to doing it all again but I can say it really didn’t hurt at the time. I’m expecting first biopsy results on wednesday.I’ve lurked on here the last week and everyone is so supportive! At the moment I feel completely shell shocked like you. I’m feeling very positive one minute and terrified the next. Lets hope we both get good news next week.

Hi sugarplum , it’s so nice to be able to “talk” to other people who know exactly how you feel . Yes my poor left boob , they did the ultra sound for around 20 mins , two had ago . I am trying to be positive , like you say one minute I am , the next I feel so flat and empty , I must be the only person wishing for Monday so I can get to work and try and keep my mind off things . Please keep us up to date with your results , good luck for Wednesday and thank you x

I’m in the same boat as well…I had core biopsy on Thursday… My results come back on Wednesday… Thecworst part is waiting isn’t it.well good luck to you all hope results are what we are all hoping for xxxxx

My thoughts with you all, I remember being in that place. You want to believe in the best case scenario but not sure you should, then you’re thinking the worst, and you go round and round.

I was totally unprepared when I went for the recall…was shell shocked about the biopsy which was done stereotactically. Well, in hindsight they must have been good because afterwards it was found that biopsy took the whole cell mutation and left nothing behind! It was a bit sore afterwards but that got worse the following week when the surgeon gave the whole boob a going over…palpating they call it!!!

Anyway, my main point it to say that it’s a personal decision but I found I wanted to be better prepared when i went back for the results so I wouldn’t be so shell shocked if something was found. Some people would prefer not to think about it until they have to, we are all different. Once you get the results, it can be a roller coaster of appointments etc, but you’ll find people here very supportive…if you need them. The odds are that most of you won’t. But at the end of the day, it really hasn’t been as bad as I feared, just took some getting used to the idea that I had to get on the BC conveyor belt to getcout the other side.

Best of luck to all,

Ashleigh sorry to hear you are also in this horrible waiting place , feeling really good today though , it might be because the sun is shining , going for a lovely walk with the dog and then the kids and other halfs coming for a late lunch so I will be busy all day :slight_smile: please keep us updated and what ever news we hear hopefully good news we can support each other . Thank you also Nosuch , you sound really positive and I think it’s the not knowing which is worse . Hope you are keeping well . I had a full hysterectomy 2 yrs ago due to a solid mass on my ovary which turned out to be benign , so I have been there before and feel I am coping better with this due to that experience . I am in the menopause and was just a little worried about the density as I thought that decreased once you was in the change and it’s only in the left ? Oh dear I’m rambling again … Positive thoughts to all my girls waiting for our results love Doe x

Hi all

Welcome to the BCC forums, in addition to the support you are sharing please feel free to call our helpline where you can talk any concerns over with one of our team, the lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2 on 0808 800 6000

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Thank you Lucy BCC , have a busy week at work , so not much time to think really , which is a good thing , not to long to wait though now. X

My appointment was at 13:30 this afternoon for my results , well I received a phone call from at 8am from my breast nurse to tell me some wonderful news it’s a fibroadenoma and I have nothing to worry about . I was told if I felt it had grown or becomes painful then don’t hesitate to be referred again, I told her I wasn’t aware that it was there as only picked up on my first mammogram (47 ) . So relieved , even though we try to be positive and say we aren’t worried it’s always there at the back of your mind . Thank you for your support , and I wish you all good luck with your personal journeys love doe ( Julie ) xxx

Hi Julie,

Fantastic news, have a great weekend xx

Thank you Katytc , looking forward to a great nights sleep xx