Waiting for results is taking forever

Hi everyone… this is my first posting to this site and I cannot begin to tell you, after reading loads of posts today, that I actually feel comforted by everything I have read; I felt like I was going through this alone.

I first went to the GP on the 8th August after finding a small lump in my right breast. I was referred to a specialist consultant at my local hospital.

My first appointment was on 17th August. The consultant could feel the lump and sent me for a mammogram followed by an ultrasound. The mammogram did not pick up anything but the ultrasound picked up a small mass. I had a fine needle biopsy and had to wait 5 days for the result which indicated that the cells taken were 98% cancer but the mass was small. I had a follow up appointment with the consultant on 24th August and was admitted into hospital on the 1st September.

On the day of the operation I had to have a localisation whereby via ultra sound I had a fine wire inserted to indicate the exact point of the cancer cells. I then had a WLE later that day along with SNB. I was very sick after the operation but I think that has more to do with the anaesthetic. During the op a small volume of a blue dye was injected into the breast and apart from having blue wee for a day and blue skin around the breast this feels fine. I was discharged from the hospital the following day, but felt very sore and tired.

The dressing came off a few days after the operation and apart from being blue and very bruised, I am having the most awful pains in my arm between my elbow and armpit. The pain feels like very bad prickly sun burn and is very sensitive; I was not expecting this. I have been moisturising the skin and doing all the exercises as recommended by the BCN. I have also been having problems sleeping at night and have a lot of pain in the arm so have been taking strong painkillers, without these I cannot sleep.

That aside, waiting for the results from the WLE and SNB is taking forever and is emotionally draining. I am getting so many aches and pains in my neck, shoulders, back, chest and ribs that I don’t remember having before; my mind is doing overtime! I am sure that once I have the results the pains will dissappear (well I am hoping so anyway).

As yet, I do not know what my follow on treatment will be as my consultant will not talk to me about this until the results are known and we know what type, size and grade the cancer is.

My next appointment with the consultant is on Friday this week, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

The waiting is definitely the worst part.
Keeping everything crossed for you for Friday. Let us know how it goes?
Ann x


I had a WLE and SNB on 2nd August and was kept in overnight - although this was only because I am diabetic. I didnt have a wire put in as you could feel my lump quite easily. I still get strange sensations, stabbing pains and pain under my arm, the inside of my upper arm and on my boob. I had my second check up after surgery today and was told to expect this to carry on in varying degrees for up to 18 months but was assured it is all healing well. I didnt want to hear the 18 months bit lol

I was in getting my results on 17th August and as usual the wait was chronic, my mind wandering, not to the positive and I couldnt focus on anything and sleep was difficult, this wasnt helped by pain from the surgery. They said that they had left a large void where the lump was and I came home with a drain, not sure if it had anything to do with the size of my boobs but I couldnt get comfortable lying down except on my back and I cant sleep on my back. I did find it slightly better wearing a soft bra. This did get slowly better and I still have to be careful how I turn over during the night and how I keep my arm on the affected side, although I can sleep on it now. Unfortunately they would be only guessing if they gave you information before the results were back.

Sort of looking forward to rads starting on Thursday, the sooner it starts the sooner it is over.


Hi Plumps, your experience sounds exactly the same as my first op, i had a WLE with wire & node sampling & was kept in overnight due to reaction to the general anaesthetic,awful sickness & dizziness. First thing i would say is that if u do have to have another op at any time then make sure u talk to the anaesthetist beforehand. I told mine about the bad experience & he changed the drugs he gave me, what a difference! I had no sickness etc & felt on top of the world,I was able to go home after a few hours, it made such a difference to my recovery after the op as well.
I also have the sunburn feel to my skin, i had to have axillary clearance as well but the sunburn feel i got both times. My last op was on 8th August & it still feels tender & in some parts is numb. Mine was more tender & uncomfortable than painful so it might be worth giving your BCN a ring. You can get pain in your arm from ‘cording’ as well, i had a bit of that, it felt like someone had cut a tendon in my arm & sewed it up too tight so it was quite painful to stretch my arm out, its easing now though.
Good luck for friday, pls let us know how u get on, take care x
Anne, good luck with the rads x