Waiting for results

Waiting for results

Waiting for results Hi everyone
I hope i am on the right forum. I had a biopsy taken on Monday and was supposed to get my results today but then got a call from the hospital to say that the results aren’t ready and will have to wait until Tuesday or possibly even Thursday of next week. I have been in a terrible state all week and was kind of looking forward to today (sounds strange i know) but at least we would have had some answers…

I had a ultrasound scan and a mammo and they have said that the lump is hard and has a blood vessel attached to it, when i saw the consultant afterwards he told me that this lump “worried” him and that he wasn’t sure what it was he said it was in that “grey area” so not very comforting words really.

The waiting is just hell, i can honestly say i have never felt so upset in my whole life. i am trying to keep busy but its there constantly. My husband is being very supportive but i can see how worried he is.

I am so pleased i came across this website as everyone seems so nice.

Take care all

someone to talk to Hi Sarah,
Welcome to the forums. I am sure you will receive posts from other forum users soon.

As you will have read the forums are open 24hours a day, and people are popping in and out all of the time.

You are not alone in how you are feeling, many people say that the waiting for test results is the hardest thing.

If you feel you want to talk with someone on the phone, the Breast Cancer Care helpline will be open on Saturday 9-2pm the number is 0808 800 6000, you would be very welcome to call them, it is a freephone number, and all the staff are either nurses, or specially trained hepliners.

Best wishes
Forum Host

Poor thing!! My heart goes out to you, being given a date and then still having to wait longer. You are not strange at all wanting to know what is going to happen. As you may have guessed from reading these posts this is one of the worst times ever.

I went through this in February, ended up having the lump taken out which turned out to be benign (after being told that it probably was cancerous).

My advice to you is dont be too hard on yourself you are coping the same as most of us do. Try to do stuff with your lovely babies and hubby to pass the time. Even better give babies to hubby and chill out in the bath and give yourself a good pampering, and come on here and rant or just chat. Most on here have been in the same boat we all know how you feel hopefully you wont feel so alone.

We are thinking of you
Yvonne xx

For Sarah Sarah - you poor thing. It is so hard to get on with things and you must have geared yourself up for the results on the promised day. The web is fantastic and everyone here knows exactly what you are going through…

Do something fun for the weekend - I went to watch our local football team just to take my mind off things. Have a long drive, stuff Easter eggs…

Hopefully, you will get your results on Tuesday - please keep us posted…

I am having surgery on Friday 13th and can’t wait to get started…


Hi Sarah

I’m really sorry you are having to wait longer, I had a similar scenario a few weeks ago, I was told my results would be ready on one day and they weren’t, I ended up only having to wait an extra day but that was hard enough- you’ve geared yourself up to find out the result and then having to wait longer is agonising. As everyone agrees the waiting is a nightmare, I was so distracted and could barely get myself through work let alone look after my little boy. My advice would be try and just take things hour by hour and day by day and I know it’s easy to say but try not to read too much into what the doctor has said- at the end of the day he really can’t tell what it is until the biopsy results have been received, I drove myself mad thinking about the words my doctor said, trying to read into them and my lump turned out to be fine.

Sending you a big hug, hope the next few days pass quickly for you x

Sarah, Heather, Yvonne and Ginger01 A big ‘hello’ to all of you. I’m new to the forums but have already found there is lots of support out there and its nice to be able to log on and speak to people who can understand our situations.

I was diagnosed with DCIS a few weeks ago and I had a WLE 2 weeks ago and I have an appointment tomorrow (11th) for my results so I am hoping for clear margins. This last 2 weeks has been hard with the wait but just want it to be over with.

Sarah - Hi there, as you have probably heard by others on the forum and realise by now, the waiting is a complete nightmare and i’m sorry you are having to wait even longer than you originally expected. I’m sure those little girls of yours are keeping you busy and hopefully you won’t have too much longer to wait. Fingers crossed for good news. Let us know how you get on.

Yvonne and Ginger01 - i’m really pleased that you both got good news from your results. I’m sure this is reassuring to Sarah.

Heather - good luck for Friday and hope all goes well. Keep us informed.

Take care of yourselves and keep in touch,

Michelle x

Hi michelle Just a quickie to say good luck for tomorrow, I will keep everything crossed for you. Even though my results were good I had great support from this site and am going to stick around for a while to pay back the support. In the 4 weeks of fear this website was wonderful and I recommend it to people who are going through the same thing. I even told my GP to mention it to patients going through various stages.

love Yvonne XX

The same as Sarah!! Hi Yvonne, thanks for the reply. I have just had a phone call from my breast care nurse at 5.45 tonight to say that my results are not ready and I will now have to wait another week. I am so disappointed as I had got myself all worked up. Now I definitely know how Sarah is feeling!! Now I will have to work on the assumption that no news is good news. I am glad you will be sticking around on the website and your idea of tellilng your GP is a good tip. Take care and hope to speak again soon.

Michelle x

Im so sorry Oh my goodness, it reminds me of when I had the biopsies, I went back for the results which were inconclusive so had to wait until I had the lump taken out for the final results.

Spend some time on here and try to keep busy (dont wear yourself out though). I feel soooo bad for you.

Yvonne x

ps. this might give you a little chuckle, I have a mark come up on my face which has been there for three weeks, am waiting for appointment with the doc, anyways I was having lunch with friends last week and mentioned it, all of a sudden an old lady (who happened to overhear) came over to me and said “you should watch that lovey, my mate had a mark like that and it was cancer.” We all just burst out laughing. The poor woman didnt know what to say obviously she didnt know what I had just been through.

I’m so sorry you have more waiting to go through. Just wanted to say, am thinking of you and sending good wishes.

susie x

For Yvonne Thanks Yvonne. I will definitely be on the forums - they are very addictive aren’t they? I am off work at the moment so got plenty of time on my hands!

Yes, your little story did make me chuckle - I bet the woman will learn not to be nosey in future!!

Take care and i will be in touch.

Michelle x

Susieishere Hi Susie

thanks for your kind thoughts - its gunna seem like an eternity having to wait another week but I know i am not the only one so will try and remain positive. I looked on your profile - have you had any further news as yet? Here’s hoping its all good?

Take care and thanks,
Michelle x

thanks michelle Hi again,

No, no news really :frowning:

They still say benign, but they still don’t know what it is and why there is so much pain. Am too tired to fight further at the moment!

Good luck - am thinking of you! xx

Hi sarah,

I went through the same thing a few weekds ago, the same time as some of the others on the forum. Absolute hell waiting. Totally took over my life. But mine was good news too. Easy to say don’t worry until you get the results, but its almost impossible. Makes you appreciate everything around you. Be positive! Good luck x