waiting for results

waiting for results

waiting for results Hello i am new to the site but have been greatly encouraged reading all your messages to each other. In a nutshell i visited the breast clinic last week for the 1st time as a non-urgent appointment but left being graded as a R4 which knocked me for 6. so can anyone explain please apart from the obvious big C, what other expainations there are for R4, i get my results on friday - it cannot come soon enought. thanks

R4 grade Hi dannygirl - I am not sure what the term R4 means - there is an American BIRAID system of classifying suspicious breast lumps and a Biraid 4 means “highly suspicious of malignancy and further testing required”. You don’t say what testing you had, but sounds as if it was a mammo and possibly an ultrasound. It could be they want you to go back for a biopsy - they numb the area with a local anaesthetic, and it doesn’t hurt, just a short prick. This enables the radiologist to get some cells from the lump, which is sent to the path lab for biopsy. If you are getting result so quickly, it sounds as if you may have already had the biopsy.

No point in second guessing the result, but some 80% of breast lumps are benign. My bc was diagnosed 4 years ago, and although I can’t remember what I did for dinner last night, I can remember every single moment of that week when I was waiting for the result of my biopsy. If it is cancer, take hope from lots of the women on this site, who have coped magnificently with such a devastating diagnosis, and still have a wonderful, fulfilling life. I hope your lump was benign - let us know how you get on.

waiting for results hi lizzicee

thanks for getting back in touch. Yes i had a mammo, the ultra sound and a bio-op all on the same appointment, i think it was R4 but on some other sites it refers to C ratings. 1 being ok and 5 being cancer and i came out 4. the most annoying part is having to wait 8 weeks to be seen, but one way or another i will know on friday, as i have come across time and time again on this site people saying the hardest part is the waiting - this is so true. I am totally convinced it is bad news and my mind is racing ahead, however my hubby is totally convinced i will be ok, but i think that is mainly for me. anyway lets get friday ovdr with first.

Hi I am 33 and this is a first for me. But I found your discussion and support so helpful when unable to sleep last night.

I found a hard lump in my right breast earlier on in the week and went to the GP yesterday. Within minutes she said yes she could feel the lump and described it as a substantial thickening that needed to be checked out. She has referred me to the Breast clinic for triple test and said I should call them if I haven’t heard from them in 4wks and said not to worry as it is may be nothing to worry about.
My mind has been all over the place since yesterday, don’t worry- well I am.
I have regularly checked by breasts since having 2 friends some 4yrs ago diagnosed with BC and my breast feels different.

I am a rational being but it seems as though it is going to be several weeks wait thinking all thoughts. I thought women were meant to be seen earlier than this?


triple test hi victoria2

If i was you i would chase up your appointment and be a pest. i was told i would get an appointment within 6 weeks it actually turned out nearer nine. I still don.t know the ourtcome as only get my results tomorrow, but when i did phone the breast clinic to try an get an earlier appointment they said that the doctor had put me as a non urgent case and the consultant who made his discision for my appointment did so by reading my dr’s email said therefor i couldn’t be given a sooner appointment. i can understand what they are saying but each indiviual that 'is us ’ thinks it important to them, so stress to have a earlier appointment.

when you do have the triple tests they are nothing to fear in my case i had the mammograph first which is a little uncomfortable, but not painful, then the ultra sound, which is no bother at all then the bio-opy which they give you a local jab in your breast then take a tiny sample of cells, i can honestly say going to the dentist for a filling is more uncomfortable. the breast care nurses are really lovelyl

Dont worry!! - you’ll hear these words many times over the next few weeks- believe me.


Any News? HI Danny Girl

Was thinking about you today- how did you get on, fingers crossed.

Let me know when you get a minute.

V x

good news Hi V

Thankfully my results was a benign tumour. I took a good few hours for the news to really sink in as i had totally convinced myself otherwise, i think this was my coping device to help me get through the last 10 days. then i still cried my eyes out.

So the message i say to you is be positive!

I still have to have it removed by surgery as it is 35mm long, no problem, i was told that would be another month. My health authority don’t rush.

one thing both my husband have learned over the last 10 days is how you re-evaluate your life and appreciate just what you do have in life - very very strong message that hits home.

V please take notes from the others ladies and gents on this site as there advice is so valuable, and really helped me over the last week.
Just a thank you too the other ladies and gents who have had less fortunate news, your courage and spirit and determination is fantasitic and my husband and i would like to say a big thank you and good luck to you all.

DG xx