waiting for results

I cant believe how long some of you are having to wait for your test results… I had a mammogram scan and core biopsy on Wed 27th Feb and I have a appointment to get my results on Thursday 7th March I would be going crazy if it was any longer…I had a puckering around my right nipple at the begining of the year went to the breast care nurse and she examined it wasnt overly concerned as I am 53 and menopausal said keep a eye on it and if still there after next period go to Dr. Then I noticed a lump begining of Feb took me two weeks to get to see my Dr then went back a week later as had not heard anything and then got a call the next day giving me appt last week Consultant says it is not looking good,( mother had cancer father had prostrate cancer mothers sister had breast cancer). Have not told my children yet as they will worry and untill I know everything myself I can not see the point of giving them something to worry about. Hubby is brilliant but he is not handling it very well but I am prepared for the worst then if it is not it is a bonus…
I have so much support as mother in law and sister in law have both been through it and two work colleagues have been through it too.
Will keep you informed and let you know how I get on on Thursday…

Hi nanniereeree

So sorry that you have found yourself here. But, it is the best place to be if your results aren’t good. I too kept my dx from (grown up) children until I knew what I was dealing with. Thinking of you and hoping for better news than you expect on Thursday. Sending big hugs and love.

Poemsgalore xx

Hi Nanniereeree

I too am waiting for results! I had all the milk ducts removed from my left breast on 22nd Feb and I wont get the results for at least 3 weeks which takes me to 15th March!!!
I still have quite a bit of pain and disscomfort in the areola and the breast in general but pain killersand plenty of rest seem to be helping. I work as a lifeguard so have been signed off for at least 2 weeks

Hoping for the best, dont know what I’ll do if not

Good look for your results

saz xxx

Tomorrow is the big day I when I get my results have lost my appetite trying to stay positive but today has been the worst I am prepared for the worst but feel a little sick inside today. I am so lucky as I work at the hospital I can just pop and speak to the breast care team at any time so they have been amazing will let you know the results tomorrow …

Hi sazstevo

Sorry you are still having pain, and I know it seems a long time until the 15th March. But the waiting is the worse thing you will have to go through. We all hope for the best, for ourselves and for others. But whatever the outcome, you will find that you can deal with it. Once a treatment plan has been put into place, thing will seem easier - oddly enough. It’s always the not knowing that causes us the most suffering. Sending big hugs and wishing you well.

Poemsgalore xx


<address>So glad you are feeling more positive now you know what you are facing. Make a list of the questions you want to know the answers to, and write the answers down. I too had a mastectomy left side, sentinal node biopsy showed I had a node with cancer cells in it. But once my treatment plan had been put into place, I felt much better. After surgery, I started chemo which will be followed by 15 rads, and five years of hormone tablets. I’m not saying it is huge fun, but at least I know I’m doing my best to beat this thing - that brings inner strength and also a sense of power over cancer.</address>
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<address>Good luck for your surgery, and whatever comes after.</address>
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<address>Poesmgalore. xx</address>