Waiting for results


I’m Laura and am a 36 mother of 2 girls (7 and 9). Have been lurking on the forum for a couple of weeks and posting on here to vent a bit. Am currently waiting for results and driving myself nuts, finding it hard and am fine one minute and an emotional wreck the next.

I found a lump in my right breast back in March and initially didnt think much of it so waited to see if it went away etc. It didnt and was playing on my mind so last month I plucked up the courage and made an appointment with my GP for 31st May. GP confirmed there was a lump but wasnt worried about it (thought it was probably a cyst) which put my mind at ease a bit. He also made a referral to the breast clinic just to be sure.

Had appointment at breast clinic on 12th June. The consultant was great and initially did an ultrasound which showed up the lump and microcalcifications. I was then sent for a mammogram. Following this, the consultant sent me for further mammograms and did a biopsy. Up until the appointment I wasnt particuarly worried and hadnt told anyone but the lump turned out to be what the consultant called ‘odd’ and he couldnt be sure what it was.

I then had 4 days of torture waiting for results though after telling my husband the next he was brilliant and is currently so supportive. Went back, on 16th June for results and was told that it came back as most likely radial scar and atypical hyperplasia but that they couldnt completely rule out an early cancer and make a definate diagnosis at this stage.

Was then booked in for a vacuum assisted biopsy on 19th June and now waiting for the results, have an appointment to go back on the 4th July which just seems like forever away.



Hello and welcome to the forum, although as we always say this is somewhere we would not really want to be.


Well done you for plucking up the courage to go to your GP. This is the worst time waiting for results and it seems like an eternity.  It is great that they are being so thorough because the last thing they would want to do is to send you away if they werent absolutely certain that it is nothing to worry about, but that really doesnt help you when you are worrying about it.  We soooo know what that feels like.


Just come on here whenever you need whether it is to ask questions, rant, rave or whatever there will always be someone on here who will help and support you.


Sending you a hug


Helena  xxx

Hi woowoo

It does seem so far away doesnt it? First thing that keeps coming to mind each morning is a countdown if the number of days left. I too was hoping to get results by phone last thursday but got an appointnent to go in instead.
Ate a ton if chocolate yesterday which im sure was mainky down to anxiety.