Waiting for results

I was told I would be seen 3 weeks after my surgery for my results but have been sent an appt for 5 weeks after. Ok this is only 2 weeks longer but it feels like 2 months longer!

Does the wait depend on where you live?

The consultant also said he would look at the other lump area and lump I have found higher up on near my underarm then too so I also have longer to worry about this too.

Sappire, I think this is totally unreasonable. I waited a week, and that was a lifetime! Ring your breast care nurse and tell her you are unhappy with the wait, she may be able to give you results sooner.
Love Julie X

hi sapphire
i agree with above. i waited 10 days for all my results including her2 result that can sometimes take longer than the rest. i would get in to with doc or bcn and tell them how anxious u are about getting results and they may fit u in earlier. they usually have some cancellations that are kept for people who phone to complain about their waiting time. well thats what happens at my hospital.
good luck and give it a try.

Hi Maria and Julie.

Thanks for your support.

I telephoned my consultant’s secretary and she said said the wait was too long. She checked for me and results were back. She told me they were clear which helped me alot.

Regarding the lumpy area and the other lump I have found in the same breast, I think will have a good chance of being ok too as this one and the one I had removed in the other breast a few years ago were fine, but I need to know for sure. She said she will send me an earlier appt to have this checked.

So girls, thanks again for the suggestions.

Take care


Well that was a good start, good luck with the rest of your results.

Yvonne x

hi sapphire
so far so good. hope the luck keeps up
best wishes