Waiting for scan results and scared

Hi, I was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer on 16.6.15, had MRI scan cat scan and fullbody/bone scan, now waiting for the results to how they will treat it and if it has spread 

Hi furyfan, I was also diagnosed with lobular cancer 2 weeks before you on 4th June. I had an MRI and then waited 2 weeks for the results - that was the worst time for me so far. I was then given 3 options regarding surgery or hormone treatment and I am now waiting to see an oncologist to learn more about the hormones. The waiting really is the hardest part, all we can do is try to stay positive and try to distract ourselves. Do you have an appointment date for the results?

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I am sure the support here will be a big help to you, please feel free to call our helpliners too for further information and a listening ear

The BCC information about lobular breast cancer can be read via this link:


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Hi, I’m also in the waiting position, seems to take forever,diagnosed 3/7 Lobular invasive.Last week was told I had to have further tests,bone scan and CT before they will operate.After haering this, I actually at first refused and said that I just wanted to proceed.I just felt like sticking my head in the sand, no more bad news. Anyway, one scan is for this Thur.Hope all goes well for you, I’m sure that it becomes easier once things start moving. x

Hi I was diagnosed with lob. c. in August 2013 Stage 3, still alive and kicking. I had a large tumour and 6 lymph nodes infected. Surgeon manged to get rid of the lot, but onco said it may have spread but may be

dormant. Going for bone scan on Mon as got one or 2 ribs hurting.