Waiting for scan results.

I had a mx and anc in jan10, followed by fec-t for 6 mnths finishing in aug10, i had a rotten time through chemo. I have had rotten pains in my legs ever since. But i have developed really bad pain in my right hip, and lower back. My onc thinks its still post docetaxol pain. I had a full body bone scan yesterday, to rule out any nasties, and get results next friday.
My mum died of bc 12yrs ago aged 48, hers went to her hips and spine, so i am worried sick about it, although realistically i know it’d be very bad luck for me to have bone mets so soon after treatment. Just have to keep positive, and wait until next week.

Best of luck, Sharon.

Fingers crossed for you xx

Hoping your scan results are clear.

Thinking of you

Dotty2 xx