Waiting for tests

I went to my doctor last week with a lump in my breast (saw my previous doctor last year who said it was just “gristle”). She referred me for an urgent appointment, and got a letter the following day with an appointment for Wednesday. After stressing all weekend, went to the hospital and the specialist said I would need an ultrasound (won’t do a mammogram as i’m only 28, and also pregnant). Got sent to the xray department who made an appointment for tomorrow and sent me home. Has anyone else experienced the same, as going from the leaflet the sent, and the internet research carried out since last week, I was expecting all necessary tests to be done in the same day.

Hi ToniW

Sorry to hear that you have had a stressed weekend, no doubt your mind is still in turmoil. If you look through all threads you will see how different the process of treatment is over the country. There are some clinics that are ‘one stop clinics’. Here in Nottingham if a lump is palpable test are carried out and results are given (In my experience) within a couple of days. I am surprised they are considering an xray rather than a scan especially as you are pregnant. Does the X ray department know this?.

You are on the right track for getting all this sorted out but please be proactive if you feel you are being unnecessarily delayed, say so and write to the hospital trust if you have to.
I always pushed for cancellations to speed up my treatment, it worked for me.

Good luck, and if you can please do limit your research at this stage you may scare yourself silly and hopefully for no reason at all.

Keep in touch and take care.

Thanks Carol.
My mam said if she realised not everything was done, she would have paid for me to go to a hospital in Newcastle. She accompanied a family member a few years back, and they did every test and gave the diagnosis in the same day. I was at Sunderland, and at the time my mam had gone, Sunderland didn’t have the facilities so you had to go to Newcatle. It is an ultrasound the are doing, the xray department asked if i was pregnant as my scan appointment was showing on their system, it obviously wasn’t in the notes that I had taken round with me!
Thanks again for your reply.