Waiting for that next appointment

Hi I’m Donna, mum to a gorgous 1 year old boy and this is my first post. Not sure whether this is the right place to post but just wanted to share with people that understand that feeling on just not knowing. I thought I felt a lump in my right breast so visited my Dr a few days later and she referred me to Breast clinic at my local hospital. I had an examination and the nurse couldn’t feel anything but did see a dimple on the underside of my breast. She sent me for a ultrasound and the techinican told me all looked normal. I assumed that that would be it but now I have an appointment with the breast surgeon next Thursday so am in a real panic. I’m afraid I’m one of those persons who will look everything up on the internet and nothing I have read about breast dimples are good. Have read through a lot of your posts and everyone is so brave and seems to be coping so well and I feel like such a wimp, but I’ve never felt so frightened in my life x

Dear Donna,

Welcome to the forums. I am sure you will soon get a lot of support from other members.

You can also phone our Helpline for information and support, or just a “listening ear”. They will be open again at 9.00am tomorrow. The number is 0808 800 6000

Very best wishes

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Hi Donna

You have done the absolute right thing by getting this checked out. It is worrying when you are waiting for results and I hope you do not have to wait very long. Even if there is a lump most of these turn out to be benign. It could be that as there is a dimple the surgeon wants to check it out for himself. But the fact that the ultrasound was clear is good news. I will not tell u not to worry and yes dimpling is a sign, but the I ternet will very rarely reassure you. There is always something scary on there. Your hospital is being very thorough and following this up and hopefully they will be able to give you good news. Make sure you ask all the questions you have and take someone with you. If you have more questions or just want to say how you feel, you know where we are. Wishing you good news. Debx

Thank you am just trying to keep myself busy until Thursday Donna x

hi guys, first time for me,found lump in my left breast gp referred me to the breast clinic where i was given a mammogran ultra sound,a lump was found but consultant seems to think it is benign,but gotto go back in jan for biopsy , so has anybody heard of this?having a biopsy two months after a a mamogram,thanks lorraine.