Waiting for the op

Hi all

How long after all pre-op assesment tests before I am called up to have the operation. All tests were done two weeks ago and I havent heard anything, I know I will have to have injections for a week before the operation because I am on warfarin, it will have to be stopped. I am just getting concerned now that I will have to have them done all over again.





Hello again, I wondered where you were I tried looking to see if you had posted lately.  I am not sure on the answer to your question.  I know I had my pre op the week before my op but it could be different with your situation.  Can I suggest that you call your bcn on Monday and ask.  I would have thought that you should have been given a plan with your dates on.


Let us know how you get on, sending you a hug


Helena xxx

Thanks Ladybowler,


i have been so busy going back and forth for assesments I just havent had time to myse to come online, I think I am coping okay, a tearfull day though today,  still very sore and swollen under the arm but thats expected. I am probably worried about nothing because the anaesthetist is happy to go ahead. I know pre-op assesments have a time limit before they need to be done again. i would think time is running out for me to be on injections for a week before the op



I had mine a few days before my surgery. I was told at the time the results were valid (at least in my case) for 3 months when I mentioned my op date hadn’t been fully confirmed by my surgeon.

Hi Christine

yes, being in limbo is horrible; I’m waiting for biopsy results at the moment from a test two weeks ago - my GP is taking the no news is good news approach but I just want to know for sure. When I was going through BC last year I found the cycle of biopsies, results and making decisions really difficult; it does make it easier when you have a date and a definite plan and can just focus on getting through and past it.

Do let us know if when you hear x

Hi all


I hope your all doing ok and hanging on in there.


I haven’t been on the forum for about a week, so just catching up on some of the latest discussion threads.  One thing I’ve learnt with my BC journey so far, is that I have to wait.  Wait for test results, waiting for appointment and pre-op dates.  My mastectomy, SNB and reconstruction is scheduled in for 10 days time.  That takes me up to a month from diagnosis to actual treatment.  So don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. 


I’m still remaining upbeat and as positive as possible.  Working has definately helped me to keep busy and counting the days off until my operation.  Saphire, it will have been 2 weeks between my pre-op assessment and the surgery date.  I hope you’ve had some more news since you last posted xx:heart:

Hi I’m waiting too. Diagnosed 3 weeks ago and see Consultant tomorrow for treatment plan. Already told BC nurse 2 weeks ago I want mastectomy. So frustrating all this waiting, I don’t do stress very well as have high blood pressure but this is torture. Just want the cancer out of me asap.

Hi all,


I am okay, I think my brain has shut it all out because I dont seem to feel anything about it at all. Its as if its  happening to someone else. 


I have been in touch with my nurse because I havent heard anything, she said they are waiting on the the results of my emergency aorta ctscan I had on Friday, boy that was a long day 15hrs, I wasnt back home until 11.30 pm. From what I overheard, I think I may have to have the aorta fixed first before my lumpectomy, its constricted and slowing my heart rate and oxygen levels down and my blood pressure up.


Waiting now for Wednesday’s update


Lots of hugs






Really interesting to read your experiences.

I feel in limbo , still waiting for MRI , although have been advised that a mastectomy will be needed whatever and my nodes are ok.

Patience is a very tiring virtue.

Wll follow your progress and wish you all the best

Evening all,


So pleased to read that some are starting treatment, it must be such a relief.


My nurse has been in touch today and given me a date to go and see my Doc, its not until the 29th of March which Is 6 weeks after the start of the Anastrozole. I was hoping it to be sooner as I am not feeling very well since being on the drug, the hot flushes I can deal with, its the constant lethargy and needing to sleep thats hard. I told the nurse about the pain I am still having under the arm and golf ball sized lump, which wasnt there before the byopsy. She thinks its internal bruising from the needle I do have an appointment with my cardiologist on Tuesday I will wait and see what he says.


Hugs to all.

Christine xx


Hi Anniej, I’m post op 5 weeks now and still love my support bra, they really help. Good luck xxx,

At last I have had the all clear from the cardiologist,  he has written to the breast clinic so hopefully Wednesday will be the day I find out  when the lumpectomy can go ahead.


Its been a good day today, I went to my daughters to wish my grandson a happy 13th birthday,  my daughter who is 47, wanted to feel the lump so she would know what to look for in herself.  We have been a naturist family since before my children were born so they have seen us naked from an early age. Its only since she has been married that things changed, awkward for the husbands, anyway without thinking I raised my top to show her my breast and let her look at the diference in shape, skin and let her feel the lump in the breast and underarm, totally forgetting my son-in-law was in the room lol!. He was walking around shielding his eyes it was so funny. I actually felt really good about it, it helped me feel more positive and more relaxed explaining to my eldest daughter that if catching bc early its easily treated and that not all lumps are cancerous. I came away tonight feeling really proud of myself. ?

Here, here. Well done Saphire for standing your ground. It’s good to have a date to focus on. I had my right sided mastectomy 2 weeks ago tomorrow. Besudes developing a haematoma (which was quickly sorted out) I have recovered really well. Back to clinic Friday for dressings off , results & treatment plan moving forward. I’m getting used to all this waiting now. I just deal with it by keeping as busy as possible & thinking positive thoughts. Really gkad your finally getting sorted xx



Oh flip, well small steps will get you there, at least you are moving in the right direction xxx