Waiting for the scan.


My mum has recently found a lump in her left breast.
It’s not painful, and her breasts haven’t changed shape, no discharge. Just a lump and maybe slightly more vainy.
The lump seems rather hard and big. 
She checks her breast weekly if not everyday, and she mentioned she has never noticed it before until a week ago. We went to the doctors, and the Nurse felt the lump and has sent paperwork off for a mammagram and ultra sound. However it’s over a week wait until then.

My mum is only 55, and I am truely worried, and of course I know nothing can be verified until the scans are done and everyone is different. However, it would be nice if you ladies could tell me about your experience and symptoms. How long does it take for a lump to grow? Is there other symptoms such as dizzyness? As she mentioned she was feeling that for few days a week before finding the lump.

I hope I don’t sound silly asking these questions, I just find it extremely hard, my mum is a strong woman but I know it’s also bothering her.

Kind Regards,


Hi magdaa93,


Im older than your mum, 67 but i found my lump and as i check my breasts regularly it hadnt been there before, as ive small breasts i know id have noticed it. Personally ive never felt ill once but i guess we are a;ll different. I was in total shock, as although 67 am very healthy never smoked, am slim, apart from hysterecomy 7 years ago have never been ill.  However i was on HRT a long time, and my oncologist thinks that was how it happened, my mum had serious osteoporosis so ive stopped that but got this,. Sods law.


Sounds like your mum if is cancer caught it early as i did,mine was agressive but due to early detection could have a lumpdectomy and as only first lymth node suspect and others clear and i had them removed anyway, ive only got to have rads and chemo. She will go through all sets of emotions we all do, could be a cyst but if not early detection and treatment should deal with it.  Wont tell you not to worry,cause you will, ive no kids but one of my close friends was constantly checking on me and insisting on me having chemo, until she came with me to see oncologist and heard him say i didnt need it… Keep us posted how things go and get her to talk to the team on here, my friend made me, glad she did, they do helplJune