Waiting for vaccum Core Biopsy results

Hi everyone. I’m a fit and healthy 38 year old. About 3 weeks ago I discovered a lump in my left breast. I saw the doctor as quickly as I could and had my breast clinic ‘day’ last thursday. Everyone was very calm and to be honest I expected them to tell me it was a cyst there and then. However, after the mammo I was referred for ultrasound and it was clear from that it wasn’t a cyst, but a hard lump of tissue so 3 core biopsies were taken. They also found another lump which is a cyst which I’d completely missed but thankfully nothing to worry about. However, to my shock I was then told I would need to wait 2 weeks for a follow up appointment to get the biopsy results. I understand now that this is normal…
I live on a remote Scottish island so its a bit of a trek to the hospital, but by the time I got home I had a call from the clinic to say they had brought my follow up appt forward to next thursday. I’d just about convinced myself that the long wait was a good sign (ie they are not worried) so now of course I’m a bit stressed in the opposite direction.
Anyway, I’m surprising myself about how calm I am about all of this, and I’m focussing really hard on not worrying my family at least until we know whether there is something to worry about (husband and mother know, but I’m playing down my fears). Its great to find a forum of supportive ladies here and I guess I started this thread to say hi, and so that if I do loose my composure at some point and need somewhere to panic a bit I can! The one thing that is bothering me after reading this forum is that there are lots of people whose core biopsy results came back positive for BC, all the negatives have wandered off happy I suppose, so I’m looking for some really hopeful stuff and not finding it. I’ll be sure to post my results either way, and hopefully provide some good news for someone else who is also waiting waiting waiting. So hello to you all and hope you are doing ok.
For anyone who is waiting for a core biopsy and not had one before, there are scary stories on here of pain and mega bruises but mine ws really not that bad. Got a bit of a minging bruise, and I’m not going to be doing star jumps this week, but I was ice climbing in the hills the day after so its not really slowed me down (don’t tell my doc as she said not to!)…

Hi Lucy W

Welcome to the BCC forum where I hope you will find a lot of support.

You may also find it helpful to talk things over with someone on our Helpline. They will be able to offer you information and support. The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. The number is 0808 800 6000 and calls are free and confidential.

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Hi Lucy

I am sorry you find yourself here. The waiting is the worst, not only is your imagination running wild, but if appointments change, we second guess motives. Try to keep busy (a moot point if you are already out iceclimbing!) and see friends and family to keep your mind occupied.

I can empathise, I had 21 days between initial breast clinic appointment and op, I was convinced that I was being escalated for the worst reasons, but the simple reason was there was a space on the surgeons list. I am sure that your appointment was brought forward because they had a cancellation, or found an earlier appointment.

You are in good company, there are lots of lovely ladies on these forums with lots of great advice and a welcome ear if you need a rant. We have all been where you are, and will help you along the way.

Best wishes,

Hi it’s unfair to have to wait they should tell you what they are thinking. As I understand it they can tell straight away if its cancer I presume from the look of it the colour or whatever. They won’t know what type of cancer. I was told straight away with “we need to whip that out” then taken into a room to meet chief radiologist and bc nurse to discuss the fact I had to see the surgeon. The radiologists are very experience and I learnt more from that meeting than the surgeon. Sorry if that is not what you want to hear and it’s only my experience.

Hi Lucy,
I had two biopsies. After the first biopsy (core), I thought I was returning to the hospital for the result, but although the cells were ‘suspicious’ the results were indeterminate so I had to have a vacuum biopsy before a firm diagnosis could be made. (I have DCIS, non-invasive). I think the medical team needs to be as clear as possible about whether there are malignant cells (it’s possible that cells are benign of course) and if they are malignant, what kind these may be, as there are different forms of breast cancer, some non-invasive (i.e. not likely to spread) and some that may spread. I hadn’t realised before the biopsies that there were so many different kinds of breast problems, all of which need different treatments. So that’s why people rarely get to know anything definite staight away. I do wish you luck, and hope that the waiting won’t be too horrible for you. All the best.

Hi everyone, thanks for replying to my post. I really appreciate it. Another day nearer my test results, I’m basically counting down the hours. I wonder if the clinic realise just how much stress everyone goes through with the waiting? My husband says he’s worried about my yoyo emotions, so I told him theres no yoyo, its just that some times I’m better at hiding how I’m really feeling. Not sure that was what he wanted to hear! I’m hoping hes doing ok, but hes definitely one of those bottle it up types and will certainly not let me see how worried he is right now. Probably if we let it out we’ll collapse in a heap and be unable to get on with life.
I’m aware that there is a slight possibility the things I used to take for granted (like ice climbing) might not be part of my life in a short time, and so I want to make sure I make the most of being a fit and healthy 38 year old, so not coping isn’t an option. Imagine how free I’ll feel if I get the all clear.
This forum is doing a good job of preparing me for the worst. I’m glad really that I only have a short wait at this initial stage. Still holding out for thursday being good news. From reading around the subject it sounds like I might want the lump out anyway, given my age and the size of it so I’m mentally preapring myself for a bit of nip and tuck whatever happens.
Mungos_Mum, Thanks for being so understanding- I’ve read your other posts and you are being amazingly supportive to lots of terrified ladies. Sounds like you are going through the mill, and your kindness and empathy is much appreciated.
Carrie- I’m trying hard not to second guess passing comments from the registrar and radiologist. They have been quite careful to give me facts only, but I understand my mammo was inconclusive (which is odd as its a big lump I can feel with my fingers) and the ultrasound showed up a hard lump (and a cyst). They haven’t said what it is but I’m still holding out for a fibroadaema until I hear otherwise.
Mishkadog- People’s cancer experiences do seem to be a series of tests and more tests punctuated by bits of bad and sometimes good news! Its good that the docs are thorough, and that is what I want them to be with me, but all those tests…! I guess when they say “suspicious” you know half the bad news but it must be awful having to wait to hear how bad.
Until 3 weeks ago breast cancer was something that I really didn’t think about, but even if I get the all clear I will never feel unconcerned with this disease again.

An update, and its good news. I’ve been diagnosed with a fibroadenoma- unusal for a woman in her late 30s but not that unusual. The pathology results are unequivocal and its entirely up to me whether I want to have the lump removed. I can decide at any time, so am free to go. I can’t describe my relief. When I found out it wasn’t a cyst I did begin to head in to a spiral of fear about what might happen to me.
I just really want to say thank you again to the people who took the time to reply to me. It felt good to know that there is a community of supportive women there to help each other through these scary times. I will never take my breast health for granted again, nor forget how brave people who fight bc are. You are all amazing and I wish you the very best in health and love.
Lucy x