Waiting is endless!!

Hi everyone
Have been reading your comments all week, finally plucked up courage to join in!
I was diagnosed in May, had lumpectomy & sentinal node biopsy on 6th june, results show Grade 3 invasive lymphovascular, nodes all clear as was margin, however surgeon wants to take another sliver of tissue to increase margin, 2nd op scheduled 14th july. Have no treatment plan yet, dont see onc until September.
Was dreading chemo until read this site, but everyone seems so positive it’s been a huge help

Helen x

Hi Helen

I was just diagnosed on 8th May - had a lumpectomy and snb - unfortunately the 2 nodes taken out were positive and they were unable to get a clear margin around the tuma which was 4 cms - 5 including the margin. This has resulted in a mastectomy and total node removal 11th June. Luckily - if you can call it that n - one of the 18 additional nodes that were taken out were infected - but I will still need to have chemo followed by rads and then drugs. Like you I am not looking forward to chemo - but the tips that you get on this site are just brilliant - follow up on the discussion started by Lisa (Leeloo) under undergoing treatment - chemotherapy - she entitled it -’ top tips for chemo ’ you will have to go to the first entry on the page - not the last one as this one will be the most up-to-date entry and Lisa posted he message a couple of weeks ago - they are really great and a lot of users have added to the tips now - in fact I took a note of all of the tips on paper last week and intend to get ‘things’ in ready for the chemo. It actually helps an awful lot to know that what you are experiencing isn’t unique - and that other people are going through the same as you!!!

Keep in touch



Hi Pammy

Sorry you had to have further surgery too, sounds like you’ve seen the onc & know what treatment you’re facing,
that’s what i’m struggling with, the waiting to find out if def need chemo, it’s seem’s I will need it from what i’ve read on here
& I really just want to get on with it, but need to have 2nd op before they can say.
Thanks I will check the tips out, better to be prepared. Do you know when your chemo starts?


HI Helen,
UNfortunately I am welcoming you to the site but as Pammy has said we are all here for each other.

Pammy I would love to take credit for the top tips but it wasn’t me, I think it was Kate but I have been dong my shopping for Wed.

I will keep you all informed of how I get on.

Helen, my margins weren’t great, there were none on 1 side so I too had a re-excision but luckily it was healthy.
I had 3/10 nodes involved, so hence the chemo.
I am ready for it now, last op was 7th May, so Wed is d-day for me but I have an interview to prepare for the morning before.

Loads of love and hugs ladies

Hi Lisa
Am finding the site very informative and some threads very humourous which is great!
It seems lots of ladies have known early on what their treatment will involve, I’ve been told will have rads but they cant say about chemo till have seen onc and thats not till september, it just seems a long time. I guess all hosps have different ideas.
Good luck with the interview, i had one scheduled for day of my last op so had to cancel. Am off sick at moment cos job involves lots of heavy lifting but company not being supportive at all so have no intention of returning to them,will be looking for something else after treatment.
Wishing you all the best for wednesday too!!

Helen xxx

Hi Helen & Lisa

Am meeting with the onc on Friday this week - so will know what treatment I will be having although the bcn has said that I will be having chemo, rads and then tamoxifen!!!

Had to go to docs yesterday - pain from under arm and down back of arm is pretty bad - anyway he gave me some liquid morphine which worked within 20 mins - I actually slept last night and well into the morning - just as well I don’t have any little ones to l,ook after!

The bcn rang and when I told her the symptoms of the pain - and where it was she knew exactly which tablet the dic should have prescribed - so I rang my doc and he made out the prescription - my OH has gone off to to it dispensed. That’s one big tip Helen - get a pre-paid prescription certificate - £27.85 for 3 months and worth every penny - I have used it loads already and just bought it last week - easy to do too - just rang the 0845 number and was done over the phone.

Sorry I got you mixed up with Kate - but I am sure you will agree - it is all good advice on this site.

Take care



Hi pammy

I agree this is a great site am getting more information on here than from anywhere!
I hope all goes well with onc on Friday. I havent had much pain after lumpectomy and was able to drive 5 days after op,(had to go get fluid removed and drove myself there) was lucky only had 4 lymph nodes removed and was able to lift arm above head just few hours after op.
Strangely though I am more depressed about going to have another sliver of tissue removed than I was about having 1st op!
Must be great to get good nights sleep, am gonna ask my GP for something tomorrow. There are so many inspirational people on here I hope at the end of all this i can do the same for others just starting out.

Good luck