Waiting on biopsy results but told very likely it's cancer. Scared


I’m  new here but have been lurking for a while since I first noticed some changes in my right breast.Today I went for my appointment after being referred by my gp last week. After a mammogram and ultrasound (then biopsy) I was told they are almost certain it is cancer. I will go back next week once they have the results of the biopsy. I’m very scared. I have 3 children amd am so worried for them. I’m now paranoid that I’ve got it everywhere!!! Sorry for the waffling. Not sure what I’m asking if anything but just wanted to say hello and maybe meet others Ina similar position. Thanks for reading if you get this far!!




Hello and welcome, I know it is not a place that any of us want to be but there are lots of lovely ladies who will help you through this. i remember lurking for two or three weeks before I decided to join and boy am I glad I did because the support I have had from these wonderful ladies has helped get me through the last 4 months.


Until they get the results back they can not be absolutely certain so there is sitll a chance that it will be some other benign breast condition. 


You are not waffling at all, you are scared and you are now in a lovely safe place with us, we will help you get through to your appointment next week.  There is usually someone on here to support you whenever you need and there is always the 24/7 helpline if you need to talk to someone, the number is at the top right hand corner of the page.


Helena xxxx

Hi Nixons3

Welcome to the crappiest club that no one wants to join, but that has some pretty incredible members!

I can so sympathise with your emotions right now - you’re where I was in May last year. I honestly thought I was riddled with cancer and probably wouldn’t live to see Christmas.

Of course this wasn’t the case, the treatments were tough but I am now back at work full time and my busy life with my 4 kids continues almost as if it never happened (although we all appreciate each other a great deal more)

My advice would be to take each day as it comes and trust your team - they honestly want the best for you. It’s inevitable that you’ll be scared and waiting for results is just THE WORST! But use this forum for support and be assured that it is very treatable.

Best of luck and love to you and your family


Hi Nixons, i was diagnosed with high grade DCIS last September after waiting for biopsy results for 2 weeks!! I also have 3 children and they were my first thought! The wait for results is horrendous - i honestly think the waiting is the worst part of all of this! When i had the biopsies i said to my normally cowardly self, whatever the results i will just do exactly what they tell me to do! So 2 ops, 15 shots of radiotherapy and 5 months later i was back at work! So try not to panic, focus on something to do each day then just do what they recommend. Hope you get good results xxx

Hi everyone is spot on I walked the floor made tea put tv on but just couldn’t think of anything else I felt sick to the put of my stomach but now back at work after op last march and finished all treatment in October I wish I found this site back then and I wouldn’t have felt so alone , my family were really supportive but I just kept thinking why me now just waiting on results of first mammogram and I’m back to worrying and feeling ill x

Hi lizard just got results from my first mammogram I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry kept reading the results to make sure all was good news , I’m wishing you good luck and positive outcome for yours to x

Sorry it’s listed not lizard ??

Sorry it’s lizred ??