Waiting on biopsy results

Hi all 


I first found my lump 4 weeks ago my gp reffered me and I was seen on Monday. The consultant put me at ease and said she had marked it at low risk but would still send me for an ultrasound which I got today.


During my ultrasound the Dr was a little more concerned as it was a solid lump (not sure why ) so she took a biopsy (4x) I had to get stitches and it certainly wasn’t the most pleasent experiance. Anyway I then went back to my consultant who has confirmed it will be a week from today until my next appointment to get the results. My consultant shared that the ultrasound Dr had marked it as a higher risk than she did at my examination but it could still be a million different things.


The thing is I can’t switch off the worry, I’m normally a very positive person always look on the plus side of everything but this has knocked me. I am having horrible dreams when I eventually do get to sleep. The strangest thing is I feel guilty about how worried I am and I don’t want to talk to my family about it cos I don’t want them to worry so I just pretend and it’s hard.


Thanks for reading

32 from Glasgow


There is no easy way to wait on biopsy results, it’s the most stressful part in all of this. 

Just try to keep your days as normal and full as possible and keep reminding yourself that worry changes nothing, whatever is happening is happening and no amount of stressing over the what ifs will change that. That’s been a lesson hard learned! 

Our brains don’t cope well with all the uncertainty and in my case the minute I knew it was cancer I felt so much better in a strange way, the not knowing was brutal.


Dont give up hope that all will be well, they don’t always know by just looking and many ladies have been back to report a benign result when having been told the opposite was likely initially, please let us know how you get on X Jo