Waiting on breast clinic appointment worried!

I am new to this but wanted some advice. I went to my gp 3 and a half weeks ago with a painful right breast. She done an exam and noticed two lumps and said they felt like fluid filled cysts but referred me to the breast clinic as i’m having pain and told me that they will probably drain the cysts. I’m terrified that it’s not a cyst and it’s actually cancer. My right breast has always been very lumpy compared to my left and i was diagnosed a few years ago with fibrocystic breast but i cant help but worry. I have a 9 month old daughter and i’m only 26

Hi, in my experience with this doctors never just say something to make you feel less worried, they are usually more blunt the other way! I’d take hope (with cautious optimism) from what you’ve been told. I had to wait 4 weeks between GP appointment and breast clinic referral, so I can relate to the horror and stress of the wait - horrendous doesn’t even begin to describe it. My GP said she was not happy with what she felt, but still in the end it turned out to be benign plus I got cysts drained, so if it is that in the end - that was really easy and not painful in the slightest. They did that for me in combination with the ultrasound. Hope you don’t have too much longer to wait. X

Hi LyndzJ,


In addition to what’s already been said, your age is most definitely on your side. It is very unusual for someone as young as you to get breast cancer, so take heart from that.


The waiting is absolutely the worst part, so be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster. Do what you can to keep busy, which I’m sure won’t be difficult with a baby to occupy!


Try and stay positive, as your GP has already indicated cysts which are perfectly harmless pockets of fluid.


Keep us posted, and come on here whenever you need a good rant, or a bit of a shoulder.


Take care, Mel. xx

Thank you both for replying. I called the breast clinic the other day to find out my appointment wont be for another 5 weeks as the waiting time is 10 weeks. I ended up in tears but the pain doesnt seem to bother me when i’m busy so i’ll just have to keep busy. I’m so worried still as if it is anything i’m being made to wait this long :frowning:

Hi Lynds

Take is a positive sign that you have to wait. If they were worried, you’d be seen within 2 weeks. Xx

I also forgot to say i’ve got upper back pain and i’m now convinced i have secondary breast cancer :frowning: i’ve had this pain since i had my daughter 9 months ago and thought it was because of the way i sat with her and my posture but now i’m convinced it’s this

Hi Shar,

So sorry you’re having such a tough time. You’re bound to be anxious because of the nature of the op. But, one thing is you’ll be able to ask questions about anything that’s bothering you. Try and make a list of questions before you go. The nurse doing the pre op may not be able to answer everything, but they should be able to get any answers they’re unsure of.

Writing stuff down is also a good way to get things off your chest and use your stress in a positive way.

Stay strong Shar. Love Mel xx