Waiting on clinic appointment - should I bring someone?



I’m 33years old and after noticing an indent on my right breast I got GP appointment right away and she also found a lump. I have been referred urgently. The booklet on what to expect at appointment has been reassuring and we are hoping it’s a cyst.  Should I go on my own or bring someone with me on the day? I go to most things on my own but I do feel slightly more apprehensive.  I’m trying not to worry too much because all I can do is wait and see what happens on the day.


Many thanks




Hi Maggie, I’d take someone with me as it’s nice to have some company and it can all be quite daunting at times! It’s always good to have a second pair of ears as well! Xx

Hi.  Hopefully you will have got your appointment through by now, or it’s on its way.

I am just at the next stage, waiting for results of a core biopsy and have just joined the forum, as I am now avidly seeking information! 

I usually go to things on my own too, but my daughter came with me when I was called for further tests after a routine mammogram and I am glad I had her there.  Although I was icy calm throughout, the biopsy site began to hurt on the tube going home and I could barely get off the train after having to stand for half an hour. When I first saw the consultant, following a digital mammogram, she said she was not unduly concerned and I am sure you’ll probably be ok, as the statistics are in your favour, but my situation changed slightly after I had an ultrasound scan, so I was glad that I had company. Our plan had been to go out for a meal if I got an all clear at that stage! But if you do decide to go on your own and your husband does not accompany you, you will be fine. The triple assessment clinics are well organised and the staff I saw (at Barts Hospital) were all very kind.  Good luck!

Good luck M with your results .