Waiting on Girlfriends Results

Hi, my girlfriend is waiting on her biopsy results, the doctor phoned today and asked her to come in on Thursday. Is that a sign that it will be bad news that she has been asked to see the doctor personally? I’ve been trying to stay positive throughout for her sake but I’m really worried now that we have been given a date that we find out.
Any help is much appreciated.

Hi Chris,
I saw your post and didn’t want to just read and run. It is good that you are being positive for your girlfriend and this is the way forward for you both, no matter what the outcome is on Thursday. Please tell us your girlfriends name so we can hold you both in our thoughts when you go together to see the Consultant .I am sure that you will be a great support for your girlfriend.
Sending you warm wishes and positive vibes. Tracy x

Hi ChrisM1989
I am sure you are both finding this very hard. Good on you for being there for her and even better that you are looking for support here (for her or for yourself - it doesn’t matter). Your being there for her will mean so much. My hubby has been a rock and it has helped me that I am able to talk to him about “it”. I don’t know what “it” is as I am also waiting for results and my appt is also on Thurs.
I am afraid that I can’t say for sure what the normal procedure is for giving feedback, but from what I have gathered over the last few weeks reading this forum I would say that it is pretty unusual for feedback (good or bad) to NOT be given in person. I can guess that they would like to discuss any questions, fears or treatments (yes, even benign or harmless conditions may need some treatment) that your girlfriend might have.
I keep reminding myself, and now you, that the majority of further investigations and biopsies turn out to be nothing to worry about.
Good luck for Thurs. Let us know the news. We’d all be very happy to celebrate with you!

Good luck to you both for Thursday. Tracy xxx

Hi Chris I have been given 3 breast biopsy results over the years, on each occasion they were given face to face. My first 2 were benign lumps and the last more recent one BC. It may differ in other areas but that was my experience. Hope all goes well on Thursday. Kathy

Hi Chris,
when I had my biopsy in October 2012, I got the results face to face - I think it is pretty standard procedure. My husband went with me for my results, but we both knew what the result was going to be, and that I had breast cancer. The meeting was a formality and to get a few more details about the cancer I had.
Wishing you both good luck for tomorrow.
Poemsgalore xx