Waiting on my appointment



I am 33yo and I have recently found a lump in my left breast. After visiting my doctor on Saturday (who also could feel the lump) I have been referred for a breast clinic appointment. Obviously I know it could be nothing but cant help but worry about the what if even though I am trying hard not to! The wait for a letter with an appointment seems like it has been forever. I know it hasn’t but it is definitely feeling longer than it has been.


Well today I thought my wait was over and I finally had a date I could get my head around when I noticed a letter on my mat that was from my doctor/NGOs by the envelope. But to my disappointment it is just a referral letter and eventhough it has a date plus time slot I am not to attend this and I have to wait for an actual appointment letter from the hospital now. Has anyone else been in this situation and if so has their actual appointment been much after the date they were given on the referral letter? I just want the worrying and waiting to be over as I know I may have to wait again for any results after the actual appointment day plus I am very nervous about the actual assessment as well. 


Hi Paula, I’m sorry you are going through such a stressful time at the minute, I saw my GP on a Friday and had a call from the clinic the following Monday to make an appointment for that week, If you are at all unsure about your letter then I would give your surgery a call and double check the date they refer to.

Generally you will be seen within 2 weeks of referal, I know the waiting is dreadful but try to keep yourself as occupied as possible and stay away from googling although easier said than done! Hope you don’t have too long a wait and all is well Xx Jo