waiting on result

A mass was picked up on my left breast after a CT scan for something else and my GP called me into his surgery last tuesday…i have been to the breast clinic today and had a mammogram ultrasound and core needle biopsy… As there is definatley a lump in the top half of my breast i get my result next wednesday… to say i am in shock is an understatement…not sure what to do or think…

Hi Chris

This must be a very worrying time for you, you’ll get loads of support here from people who know exactly what you are going through. But you might also find it helpful to read breastcancercare.org.uk/content.php?page_id=70 which explains about changes in the breast and breast awareness.

If you are feeling upset or panicky and want to talk to someone who understands what you are going through then do give our helpline a call. Everyone working on our helpline either has experience of breast cancer, or is a breast care nurse, and has an excellent knowledge of breast cancer issues. They are on 0808 800 6000 and are open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm Saturday, 9am - 2pm

I hope you find this helpful.

Best wishes Sam
BCC Facilitator

chris - omg what a shock for you - its bad enough going to the clinic due to picking something up yourself but to have it found via another test must be worse…the waiting is horrible I know, keep talking, mary x

Thanks for the advice Sam, I do keep having moments when i feel i cant breathe…i just keep going outside to get some fresh air…Kittenkat…I am trying to talk to my hubby who bless him is trying his best…i have only told a couple of my friends and they really dont know what to say ,one comment was a bit hurtful but maybe thats because im a bit over sensitive at the moment… Im going into work on friday keeping busy seems to help…but thankyou so much…

Dear Chris 246, sorry that you have this hanging over your head. The waiting is the worse and all the horrible thoughts that come into our heads!! I found that pushing those negative thoughts away as much as I could was useful, after all most of them are not helpful!! I kept focussing on the day and tried not to think ahead.
This is a great site for support and talking about things you can’t with family. Also you may not have cancer, my sister went through a biopsy and mammogram and it was clear.
Good luck

Thanks for the advice leadie… Im keeping everything crossed that it isnt, it was just the shock of having tests for something else and then them finding the lump…takes a bit of getting used to really…but like you say, to try and push the negative thoughts away as much as i can… i will give it a try…xx thanks again…

Hi - first time I have posted.
I had a mammogram 2 weeks ago - just your regular checkup. Never been before. Called back for secondary screening last Wed 11th. Lump in L breast. Had more Xrays, scan and 4 biopsies taken. was told I would get letter through post with appointment time for Mon 16th but to ring and make sure results back. rang this am - no results due to some confusion. told them i didn’t have appointment either. Got apologies for this and told I will get Call this pm to say if results through. If not would have to wait till Monday 23rd. Fortunately thay have come & Now have date for Wed 18th.
Felt really sick this morn as thought would get results today. Now to wait 2 more days. Wish they had just said results could take 10 days but if they come sooner they would ring.
Really feeling a bit sick just now so found your site. Keep up the good work.

First time I’ve posted too…
Hopefully by today you will have received your results and the news is good - let me know
I too am waiting for results following a biopsy on Tuesday. Last May I had a lumpectomy on my right breast, all went smoothly and I was just about settling down again. Had a follow up mammogram and now have a lump in my left breast! It’s strange, but even though I have been through it once, I am no less terrified - possibly even more! I think the waiting is the worst - but the powers that be don’t seem to realise the anguish this all causes …
Hoping for good news for both of us!

Hi omi - got my results. Not good. The lump is cancer. I go to see another doctor on Tuesday 24th to get further examination & arrange for operation to remve lump and any surrounding tissue. dont know at present how far things have gone but am told breast cancer is most successful recovery. A bit shell shocked just now. Was told I could ring & ask any questions no matter how trivial it may seem. I dont know what to ask! I dont know if I want to know any more answers just yet. Just taking it stage by stage at present. Keep trying to be positive.
Let me know how you get on. you are right about the waiting. My next wait will be to see if they get it all after the op. Keep posting. X

Hi, I was diagnosed 23rd Feb, i.e. Monday just gone. They think it is a 2cm lump on the right hand side… not sure about the nodes. I have a further apppointment next Monday…at that point they will know more as they will have the biopsy test results. Head all over the place. Trying to take each hour at a time. One question just popped into to my head. When are you ever free of the cancer? They take the lump, they give you chemo or radiotherapy and then what happens? I know, racing ahead…

Try and think postively, you will move in between waves of sadness and then worry and panic. Try and just get through each hr and take it each step at a time…

Right things down if you can. That’s what I have been doing. To avoide that moment in front of the doctors when I can’t speak…or ask questions

Take care, of you.

Ellie x

terrier did they tell you it was BC without the biopsy results?

Yes, they did tell me without the biopsy result. Is this worse? I have now got it in my head this is really bad if they did this…

Can’t stop myself thinking about the cancer going through my body.

Hi Terrier,
Don’t worry about it being bad if they told you it was BC before the biopsy results.The radiologist told me my lump(s) were malignant after my mammo and ultrasound .When I went to see the Dr at the clinic he told me they were “suspicious”.But the Radiologist had already told me the bad news.In my case they turned out to be 3 small lumps 1.3cm .0.5cm and too small to measure Grade 1 BC which is the best and no spread to nodes.
So it doesn’t mean its bad if they knew before biopsy,I think they usually “know” but often prefer to have it confirmed by biopsy before they tell you.Unless you have a very “helpful” Radiologist like I did!
Take care,I hope the biopsy results are not too bad.At least when you start treatment you feel you are doing something positive.

Hi Terrier, don’t worry about being told that,I was the same as Dotchas,after mammogram had ultrasound and the nicest ultrasound doc said that he had been in the job for 20years and what he saw looked very suspicious,had 2 needle biopsies and a core biopsy,told an hour later that the needle ones were inconclusive but again the lump looked suspicious,just had 48 hrs to wait for core results to be told that unfortunately it was cancer,I think they knew at the clinic but just didnt want to overload me with it all on that day and I’m grateful that was led down the path to expect the news wasn’t going to be good,gave me time to think omg what now and what next! But at least was prepared to chat to consultant about what was going to happen by researching the possibilities and getting a load of info on here. This place is a godsend,so much support and friendship and help and info.What works for me is just looking at being one step of where I am,have just had lumpectomy and sentinal node biopsy last week,getting results on Wed and I know what all the possible outcomes could be…like to have all my bases covered,but no point inlooking too far ahead or two stages ahead as that might not be the journey you have to take.Different things work for differnt people,there is no right or wrong way,but don’t ever think you are alone ,we are here together,side by side,helping each other,keep chatting and ask away about whatever worries you have,there will always be someone to help.

Good luck and big hugs for you

Sandra x