Waiting time for surgery

Hi all i was diagnosed with stage 1 tubular breast cancer on the 30th April. I’ve been told i’m to have a lumpectomy and 3 lymph nodes removed then 15 days of radiotherapy however my surgery is provionally booked for the 22nd June which i feel is unfair to have this hanging over me for nearly 2 months. Has anyone else waited this long to start their treatment please?

Oh yes, waiting 61 days since this journey started and still no game plan and definately no start date for any treatment. I eventually went to PALS and got them involved. I now have another appointment of Fri at noon. No guarantee that they will not cancel that one too. Head up and start shouting if you’re not happy. x

Supposed to be within 31 days of when you meet with surgeon and agree a treatment plan - unless you need further investigation / tests that take longer to arrange .I had to wait 3 weeks from diagnosis and that was long enough ,not suprised you are feeling frustrated .I got an earlier date than originally scheduled as they decided to put an extra surgery date in - you may be lucky and they may bring it forward ??.Good luck with your appointment on Friday Cazzy.

2 weeks after diagnosis I met with surgeon to discuss treatment. One week later I had surgery.
I think I’d be jumping up & down having a tantrum if I was told I’d have to wait that long.
Best of luck x

 My BC was found at routine mammogram in October 2017. I was then out of the country for a month a had my follow-up mammogram and 1st biopsies at the beginning of December. I received my diagnosis on 21st December 2017. I received no treatment, despite being told I had muktifocal invasive ductal BC, until my SNB on 5th March. I have just had dmx and DIEP reconstruction (2weeks post op) and am now waiting for my results. Toital time so far over 6 months !!!

Kirsteen and Cazzy, just thought I’d pop back in to let you know that after 6 months since I knew about this and 5 weeks post op, I’ve had my post op results. As you can imagine, I went in fearing the worst as it had a long time to to its own thing in there! I had convinced myself it would have gone walkabout and would have grown strong.


No! 1 grade 2 invasive piece has disappeared! The others have been cut out and my Oncotype score has come back low. No more than the one node from the level 1 clearance affected. No chemo or rads “just” hormone therapy.


Hope you are both doing well, but wanted you to know not to worry about the time scale. I can say this now I’m on the other side with the knowledge of my results. Fingers crossed for both of you that you get great outcomes too. Xxx