Waiting...time goes so slowly

Hi All,


Have been lurking for the last few days…


Found a lump about 3 months ago and did nothing about it.


Had a funny turn a few weeks ago and had to see GP - Hubby made me mention lump to her and she referred me to the breast clinic on the two week protocol!


Appointment is on Weds - that’s day 13 so all good on meeting the two week target, however now am starting to believe that I’m getting bad news on weds…


I’m 40 and there is no direct link to breast cancer in my family - although there is plenty of cancer in my family (bowel,lung) - this time appears to be going so slowly!


Pie xx



Welcome although it is not a place that any one of us would choose to be but you are in a lovely place as you can probably tell.


This is the worst time waiting to find out what it is, but keep in mind that there are a lot of benign breast conditions that it could be, breast clinics do not just deal with breast cancer.  You will see from previous posts that there are a lot of ladies who have had lumps and they have turned out not to be cancer.


Is hubby going with you to the appointment?  It might be a good idea as it is another pair of ears to take in whatever they tell you, and that is regardless of whether it is cancer or not, plus having someone there helps as support.


Let us know how you get on Wednesday and remember we are all here to help and support you in whatever way we can, we have all been there so know exactly what you are going through


Helena xxx



Thanks for the reply.  Hubby is going with me - in fact he insisted!


I have taken comfort in hearing people not getting bad news…just wish weds would hurry up!