waiting times between imaging appt and clinic - any advice please!!!

Hi All,


I was wondering if anyone else had this experience and could offer their experiences.


I had an imaging appt sent through (which i have just had) but my clinic date is twelve days away.


I had mamogram and ultrasound which radioligist said looked fine but i will need a biospy on my nipple as it appears to be bleeding and that i should attend my clinic for that. ( the biospsy is not booked in for that day yet, just my first clinic appt, so may probably have to go back a few weeks after that appointment, to have it done, if the person who sees me in 12 days, also agrees it should be done).


From what I read all the women here have had scans and biospys on the same day. I live in Hampshire if that helps.


I am so confused am wondering if this is the procedure, if they are sure that it is not cancer?


Are there any ladies out there who have had the same experience who live in this area and will attend the same breast clinic? All replies much appreciated as I am completely confused!!


Many Thanks xx



Hi ame and welcome to the BCC forums

The information in the BCC ‘Your breast clinic appointment’ may help whilst you await replies from your fellow users with their experiences:


Take care
Lucy BCC