Waiting waiting waiting

Hi Karen, I think most of our stories sound very similar. I haven’t waited just as long as you and some other folk…but yes the waiting is terrifying. Between the beginning of october and 13th November ive been diagnosed with her2 positive (invasive) dcis and pre cancerous calcification. Like you…small boobs so mastectomy was done 13th November without reconstruction…i was to scared to wait the extra weeks incase it gave the cancer any time to spread! Again, like you, I wanted it out as quick as possible. My lymph nodes were clear which is positive news. My treatment plan is 12 weeks of chemo, administered weekly and then 6 month of herceptin injections. This is precautionery treatment incase any small bits of cancer have ‘escaped’ and are floating about, the treatment will kill it. The mastectomy was nowhere near as bad as I imagined. I coped with paracetamol for the pain…something a bit stronger at bed time to help me sleep. Im also finding it a wee bit of a struggle mentally…i think most folk do… coping by taking a day at a time and trying to remain positive, although every wee ache or pain has the brain working overtime! Good luck with everything…that goes to everyone… x


Thanks for sharing mandz1. I’m glad to hear you are doing OK. It’s such a hard thing to go through.



How did you get on once the surgery as done?

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Good idea Joanne

I will ask my doctors’ surgery today. I’ve had the ‘sorry you have cancer’ text, which asks if there is anything they can do to help, so I will ask for some physio pre-surgery.



Relief after surgery but mentally knocks me off,until now im off sick my surgery was end of Sept this year,slowly im getting better.



Sorry to hear you are struggling. Good to hear you are doing exercise I
wish i was. I’ve been diagnosed with the same cancer as yourself beginning of October. I was totally shocked because i went foto r a mammogram in January and nothing had been picked up, I went back again mid September because i had noticed firmness in my left breast and i couldn’t shake my concerned off. They did the mammogram and ultrasound and noticed a slight changed but wasn’t concerned. But because i told them i had noticed the firmness had changed they did a biopsy and told me that day i had cancer. I was totally shocked! I’m 45 with a 10 year old son. I had my op 4 weeks after for them to find out it wasn’t 17mm it was actually 48mm and spread to my lymph nodes. I’ve just had my second op on Monday to remove more tissue from my breast and all my lymph nodes under my left arm. I’m very sore this time round and feeling low but it’s early days and I just hope and prey this hasn’t spread any further. The waiting is awful but i’m keeping myself busy by buying christmas presents and watching lots of Comedy and Rom Coms…Totally love them, can’t believe I’m admitting it! :woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging::rofl:
I could of gone private but i was told NHS is just as quick and to be honest closer for me as the hospital is just round the corner. The team are lovely. I have questioned should i have gone private at times with the waiting but i have been told the waiting is due to the testing and it can’t be done any faster private or NHS.

I have low days and then days where I just block it out appreciate the little things in life and not think of the future.

I need to get out and do some walks when I feel a bit better which will hopefully in a weeks times.

It’s so sad so many people have this horrible disease but we need to fight this and i’ve definitely learned to do more things I want to do and live life and not take things for granted.



Oh lamamma

What a horrible time you’ve been having. Your BC sounds similar to mine. I can’t believe I have to wait another 3 weeks to get this horrible thing out of my body. We’ve thought about going private, but neither of us have the oomph to sort it out at present :upside_down_face:

I’m glad you’re having a few periods where you are thinking about something else. I’m guessing these get more frequent as we all move away fro the initial horrible shock.

I’ve just started watching Pride and Prejudice for the millionth time, and I’m not at all ashamed! No such thing as a guilty pleasure :smiling_face: Enjoy your escapism!

Karen x


Mines been desperate housewives lol


Well, I must also confess to Married at First Sight UK. My daughter persuaded me to try it. Terrible, but I can’t look away :grin:


Hi lamamma
I had lump taken out in October but was found in the 2 nodes they removed. Had a full node clearance last Thursday and can relate to feeling more uncomfortable this time, I was getting shooting pains over the first couple of days when doing the shoulder roll exercise, seems to have settled down more now. I am six days post op and today is probably been my best day so far, even went out to the dentist lol. My results aren’t due until the 20th December so waiting again, I asked about getting them earlier and was told I can’t because my mdt meeting won’t have been held in time.
I was told not to go private as you lose all the support that you get with nhs but who knows.

Enjoy your guilty pleasure & rest, look after yourself xx


Hi Chillout365, Karen
keep me informed on how you both are getting on. Fingers crossed and everything.

Let’s hope we can celebrate Christmas with some good news. x


Hi I’m so sorry but I do understand. I got breast cancer 2014 so I had a double mastectomy with implants but one failed had reconstructive surgery 2016 thought I was doing ok 2018 got cancer again the this year end of September got it a third time.
I had MRI n CT and yes what goes through your mind isn’t nice and you can find yourself in dark places.
I returned home from hospital yesterday after having my double mastectomy on Thursday, Iv got two drains in that should come out tomorrow if the measurements of the fluids are <40ml.
I always say be strong and family support is a must, lots of network support to go to any your never alone in your battle.
My lump I found myself first time 2014 as my mri n mammogram didn’t show any thing. I found my other lumps myself my last one was the same pinch pain my constant almost dismissed me but I said I still wanted the scan I’m so glad I did because I wasn’t imagining my pain it was grade 3 cancer.
All I can hope for is that my surgeon removed all the cancer.
Never feel you can’t demand more information or treatment. We have got to fight never give up, cancer treatment and stuff available has got better.
We are always here for anyone again the best I can offer in support is you are not alone always reach out someone who is a stranger can be closer then family when cancer is mentioned we stay focused because we have to unless you have been through it yourself nobody understands it like we do. Be strong together we can be stronger for each other, you are never alone :two_hearts::two_hearts: