I have seen a doctor a week ago today. They found 5 nodules and a large indentation to the chest wall and was reffered to a breast assesment clinic. I still have heard nothing. I can’t eat or sleep and noticed the indent has goten a little bigger since last week. I am not sure what else I can do. I can’t find any info on the net in regards to the indent. Only a indent in the skin. The skin is fine, it is under the skin that it has sepertated to the ribs. I feel terrified and have three small childeren the youngest is special needs and is tube feed. I feel like I am going crazy. I can’t handle the not knowing anymore. Worried if it is bc how fast is it spreading. Sorry just needed to talk to someone who may understand!! Thanks for reading.

Hi chantel

Not knowing is the worse part and although i cant offer medical explianation and i know saying dont worry wont help but were all there with you any time of day if you want to talk has your doctor arranged for you to go to hospital for test


Hi Chantel
I’m no medical expert so can’t comment on what it could be BUT…I was diagnosed with cancer not long ago, and was told it was unlikely to get worse within a month…So, try not to panic and if you need to let off some steam come on here and we’ll listen!! It’s only normal to feel how you do, not knowing is the worst thing. Have you had an appointment already or are you waiting??
Lots of Hugs

Hi chantel

If you feel it may help to talk through your feelings please give the BCC helpline a call, here you are able to share your worries and concerns with one of our trained members of staff. BCC are here to support you so please use us if you think it will help. The number is free phone 0808 800 6000 and the line is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 2pm.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards

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I was diagnosed last August and didnt have mastectomy till Oct the doc told me that nothing major could happen in that time span it was 8 weeks to the day when I had my op so plaese dont worry I know the waiting is the worst part but it may not be anything xxxxxxxxx

I got a call today from the breast assesment center, I see them on tuesday. I was made a priority. I am not sure if I should be even more worried as they have got me in so fast. What a nightmare, waiting. Thanks for the replies and best wishes.

Hi Chantel

You are right. The waiting is horrendous. Your mind goes into overdrive and you are probably now thinking the very worst possible scenario. Firstly, the vast majority of breast problems are not cancerous. Secondly, if it is cancer, which at the moment sounds like your worst nightmare come true, there is a significant chance that it can be treated successfully. As you will have read from these threads, many of us have curable breast cancer. It must be very worrying with three children, especially if one has special needs. But don’t jump too far ahead. Take it step by step. Just focus on Tuesday and no further. You cannot speculate on what you have and the treatment you will need. It will just drive you crazy. Don’t read too much into the priority thing either. This is just your doctor being very efficient and thorough. Much better this way than being kept waiting.


hi chantel

I had my mammogram and biopsy yesterday and I go back on thursay for the results, feeling a little aprehensive at the moment and thursday can’t come soon enough. I hope you get on well on tuesday I’ll be thinking about you all the best