WAKE UP- DCIS FOLK! …I just noticed that silversue’s post in the last heading didn’t get answered can anyone help.

We don’t seem to be getting this heading off the ground too well - and I am geting really embarassed that all the posts seem to start and end in my name (mostly), so I confess I have tried to hold back a bit just in case mine is the last name again!

Where are you all - AnnieD & co


The unanswered post… …is on the end of let’s introduce ourselves

woken up!!! Hi Celeste and all other dcis folk out there
Read silversue’s post but afraid I cant help as had mastectomy, but reading through all the other posts there seems a common thread.
Nobody seems to know if dcis is left what will happen? My first reaction to diagnosis was to walk away, but its like living with a time bomb, you never know if and when it will go off, hence the mastectomy!! Also because they talk about pre-cancer cells I naively thought they could easily be treated!!!
And yes, biopsies are b***** painful!
And yes you become worried it will return in the other breast. Firstly I wouldn’t touch mine at all, now I find myself feeling for a lump, which is daft because I didn’t have a lump in the first place!!! also dread future mammograms on other side as WAITING for results is the pits.
At least through these forums we can be in contact with others going through the same thing which really helps.
Best wishes to you all.

Wide Awake I’ve wakened up too - I’ve posted on ‘Let’s Introduce Ourselves’.

I’m currently waiting for annual mammogram results - they seem to be taking forever! This is the first I’ve had since diagnosis and apparently I get the result by letter. Postman Pat is taking his time!


Hi I seem to be on a roll tonight this is my third post!!
While we are talking biopsy, has anyone gone through the experience of a stereo biopsy?
I had one after the initial FNA and core biopsy.
All the best to you all

i’m here I have been a bit busy lately so haven’t popped in so often, I’m so sorry silversue didn’t get any answer. But I wouldn’t have been any use anyway as I haven’t had a reconstruction.

silversue - have you tried posting in the reconstruction forum - there’s loads of help in there. At the end of the day, if youve had the mastectomy, we’re all in the same boat, and it tends to be only DCIS people who post in here, and we are in a minority.

This time last year there were loads of new DCIS people posting, I wonder why it’s so quiet.


Result I got the result back of the first of my annual mammograms - ‘normal’. Isn’t that a good word?