Walk in the sunshine

Walk in the sunshine

Walk in the sunshine The company I work for organised a walk at lunchtime and all staff were invited to go, paying £1 each donation to breastcancercare and the company would match it. We went today and I suppose about 100 or so turned up, a mixture of ages and sex, I felt it very moving that so many turned up. There are at least 2 other people who work on site who are having or have had treatment for breast cancer and so I guess this made it even more special that their collegues should want to show they care. There was also a dressdown day and everyone paid a £1 to do so and most had some pink on, even the men.

Just thought that I would like to share this with you all


What a great idea! It sounds as though the event not only raised money but awareness too.

—support —hi hazel,
Its lovely to here your work collegues joined you today in raiseing money for breast cancer care and showing their support to you and others.bluebell