Walking in East Sussex?

Hi, I’m 39 and just started chemo after my op in January. Much to my surprise I find myself feeling remarkably well, and really missing the regular walks I used to go on before all this started, the Downs are beckoning, but I need people who understand the situation. This is just a feeler really, but if anyone has any ideas/thoughts/suggestions, I’d love to hear from you? Any frustrated walkers? Organisations that can help? Anything to get me out the house!

a little bump, just in case…!

Hi Rachel
Like you I love walking, and to be honest when I knew I needed a mastectomy my reaction was at least my legs still work.
I had 3 weeks of rads back in 2009 but didn’t need chemo - since then I have completed the Thames Path, walked Hadrian s Wall path on my own last Summer and have started the SW Coast Path.
I didn’t loose too much fitness bit I did loose a lot of confidence, the first walk I did after rads was a very familiar 4 mile one and I was so thrilled to complete it.
I am a member of the local RA and so there is always a choice of easy / moderate walks and I found that walking and chatting with others took my mind of bc and for a couple of hours I was ‘normal’ if that makes sense.
All the best as you go through treatment
M x

Wouldn’t mind a walk near Eastbourne if you like. I’m near there. Have been through the whole trauma thing in the last year and it’s awful so I understand completely. Not sure how to meet up as obviously we don’t put contact details here. Anyone know? x

Hi SusieABee

If you want to send someone a private message, click on their name and that will take you to their profile page. On the top right in green it says SEND MESSAGE click on that and you have the private Email system.
Hope you are able to walk together - wish I lived nearer !

Best wishes

m x

Excellent! Thank you Magsi. x

Magsi - I am so impressed! How’s the SW Coast Path going? I’ve done sections in the past, but it must be wonderful to be doing the whole lot.
Susie, following Magsi’s instructions I’m going to try and get a message to you - here goes!

Started the path last Summer in St Ives, I know it starts in Minehead but we wanted to meet up with ‘debsincornwall’

Did some more sections last Oct half term around Exeter as son at uni.

Back to Exeter YHA this June to do 3 more days then in July its Penzance to Lizard - Coverack - Helford - Falmouth.
Must admit though to being a walker not a bag carrier so our luggage will be transferred for us and just use a day sack.
But so love it.

Hope you and Susie and perhaps some others are able to organise a walk in your local area.
M x

You’ve done it! I have the message so hopefully we can meet soon. Anyone else wanting a walk on Beachy Head (!) can join if they like! Sue

This thread has now been moved to the correct place on the site, so let’s see if anyone else is up for a stroll!

I am up for a stroll :slight_smile:

Hi Frogget, thanks for posting! Went for a good stroll this week, and would definitely be up for another. I’ll send you a message, and leave this up here for anyone else who’d like to come along.