Walks Been r

Been reading about these best foot forward walks, such a pity not more of them,all seem to be up north,nothing in South and certainly not Nofolk. where i live, Why we all know exercise is now reccomended for people with cancer as it helps with loads of the problems connected and helps to prevent reoccurrence, so why are there so few of them. Such a pity,especially with better weather and ;lighter evenings coming.June

Hi June
I have spoken to the best foot forward team and they have no plans to extend these at present although they have sent a link to the ‘Walking for health’ website which is similar and may be available near to you, hope this helps, here it is :


Best wishes
Lucy BCC

Hi June

Just what I want too. I run my own business (or trying to at the moment, 10 days post op and waiting for node results this Friday) and lots of these things are during the day I find. I like ‘urban’ walking as I call it (!) although I live near Rutland Water, and that’s a lovely place to walk too. Don’t want to mess about putting walking boots on etc , just like to open the door and go! Usually plug my iPod in and walk to music too. Shame we don’t live nearer. X

Hi June
Yep I find a lot of the sort of things I’d like yo do, yoga for example, seem to be during the day, which I can’t do. Mind you I can’t drive at the moment so any evening stuff would be difficult. Nearly went to Norwich in the summer as we were exploring the East Coast. It’s not too far for us Rutlanders! We are the smallest county in England but with the highest Council Tax outside London! Actually, I’m a Londoner, born and brought up there, so you can’t take the city out of the girl. Girl, who am I kidding. Won’t see 60 again and spent this birthday having a lumpectomy etc, such s pleasant way to spend it, lol. Sleep tight x