walsall west midlands? anyone there

just wondering if there is anyone from this area on here???

I think there are a few of us from the west midlands generally, including Staffs and Warks, and there are a few from the Birmingham area, including me.


And me…

and me

me too

I’m from Tipton.

hello everyone. im from warley,
lets meet up sometime
love and hugs

I’m in solilhull… I have met up with Sway already and we would be happy for others to meet up with us. x

I’d be happy to meet up if it’s possible - when and where would you suggest?

Hi will pm you. I am seeing sway tomorrow we are attending the bCC moving forwards programme at City Hospital so we can sort something out. We met in Birmingham City Centre last time as its centralish but happy for other suggestions.


City centre should be good, and gives quite a choice of venues to meet. (Plus shops!) I’d recommend people outside Brum travel by train or bus, as parking is expensive.


hi all,
sorry to butt-in, i’m not from west midlands (though i did live in wolverhampton for 5 yrs in the 90’s!). But i have a friend - sharon fox (known as smallstar on here) who opened a cancer support centre in tamworth last year - you can find her online, Just thought it may be of interest to you guys as you are quite local to her.
ta-rar a bit!

im up for a meet in bham centre

I’m up for a meet in brum.

shall we narrow it down to a date?

next week?

That’s a possibility for me, aside from Friday 18th when I get FECced again. Can probably work around oncology appt on Tues.


thursday 17th…???

thurs 17th suits me.

Selfridges Costa? Think it’s a Costa

is that inside??? im unsure where that is. what level is it on
i know the cripsy creams. lol


Ground floor, right next to the donuts!