walsall west midlands? anyone there

yummy, i may have to have one of those, or a cupcake, have to, its the cofee law.

im fec number 5 thursday this week



Fingers crossed Mary Grace

what’s the best time? 11.30?

good for me. xx


Will keep bumping this and wait and see who turns up.

I’ll be the one with the bald head, or one of many with the bald head!

Good luck on thurs poppy

11.30 Thursday sounds good.

gosh - what a surprise to see all these posts!! i wish i’d checked i can’t do thursday 17th but i hope there will be another meet up in near future.


When are you likely to be free? Perhaps we can plan meeting 2 around that.


Hi girls. I’m just over the border in Hinckley.
Train easy to Birmingham. I have TAX 2 on Wed 16th, but if as TAX 1 should be OK for a couple of days after.


shall we put off till week after to avoid cemos next week??

im easy il go with the flo xx

be nice to have a good group x

17th suits me, but whatever suits most people. I’d be under the duvet or in the toilet the week after. I guess whichever date we choose, someone will be suffering.

Stella xx

Hey all,

I’m in and i know saffronseed will wanna come along.We met up a few weeks ago for a quick coffee and chat needless to say 2 cups and a cake later we were still talking making Pat late back to work lol.

Great - a party!

Shall we stick with the 17th but make another date for after that too?

Just to throw a spanner in the works. It was Little Angel who started the post and she can’t make that date. How do you feel about that LA? Have you got a preferred date?

Hi I can’t do this date as I am in London I know how difficult it is to organise dates - happy to come to the next one x

thank you for asking re 17th-as you say there will always be someone who can’t make it and it is me on this occassion but there will be another i hope so just go ahead and enjoy the meet up!!



Is the week after looking better?

Or shall we aim for next week and then do week after too?

I’ll just point out that the week after next is half term, so Bull Ring venues may be crowded then. Obviously, there is no such thing as a day or time that suits everyone.


Just a suggestion why not make it a weekly event then those that can make it come and those that can’t wait till following week,as no matter how hard we try there is always going to be someone on chemo,working,or just not able to attend,and just to be certain nobody is stranded with a cup of coffee and cream cake post on here the night bofore whose going.