Want a laugh? ...... Dry sense of humour required!!!!

Picture the scene …

Having been diagnosed on the 19th Nov and operated on on 26th Novmeber I have some but not all of my test results.

I know that my lymph node is clear but don’t know what type of chemo and haven’t had it confirmed yet that the surgeoan took enough out - although he felt it went very well.

My husband hates talking about it - it upsets him terribly.

What happened …
My husband and I are waiting for a checkup and having a nice coffee in a coffee bar and he suddenly asked me about what the options are and so I explained what I’d learned on here and said what I thought my preference might be but said I was a bit confused as I’ve never got on with hormone treatement so really wasn’t sure.

So I said to him “What do you think?”

What do you think he said ? (answer below)

“I’m going to the toilet”


good 1!!!

XXX Fiona

Thanks so much for sharing that…really funny! And great that you can laugh about it…

that’s chuckler …at a distance!!

hope things are going well with whichever option you chose.

There are ‘buddies’ with the breast care support phoneline that are great for chatting and listening… makes it easier…I dont have an OH but I do have a daughter and she doesn’t like me talking about it either…my ‘cancer buddy’ has been a rock during my op and will be a great support when I get some ‘big’ results next week.

good luck

Love it!!

LOL! You sure you didn’t borrow my hubby for the day?

When I came out of hospital after WLE, I had filmstar quantites of flowers sent to me…to the point where the biscuit jar os acting as a vase.

‘It’s not as if we have any big jugs we could use,’ I lamented.

and the reply came…

‘You’ve still got one right there!’

The day after I had my mastectomy a friend phoned my husband to ask how I was and he replied “It’s definately a big weight off her shoulders” (I was a 38D) I don’t know how I would have managed without his humour at times.

Only a man could come out with that !!

Onto a different scenario - many years ago my friend was giving birth to her first child in full labour and her hubby walks in in a right state - he said there’s no toilet paper !!! xxx

On a different note,
I recently was diagnosed with a kidney tumour, and the day before my biopsy, my 76 year old dad came out with
What time is your autopsy tomorrow?

Happy to report i have since had my biopsy and had a nephrectomy. Have managed to avoid the autopsy table as yet. You gotta laugh!!

I’m a 34 b cup so when I told my friend I had a 2.2cm tumour (they thought it was bigger than it actually was) to be removed along with margins he said ‘jeepers love - if they take all of that then it’s nearly your whole tit!’

love him

I was diagnosed late in November 2007 and had to tell my sons, who were both at uni, on the phone that i would have to have a mastectomy and that it was scheduled for either 24 or 27 december… there was a small pause and he went… hmm i wondered what to get you for Christmas but i’d never have thought of that!

This is an old thread re awoken and I am so glad! What a laugh! The things people say intentionally or not can be soooo funny!!!

A friend of mine had a cut and blow dry done by my daughter and she said “It must be great having a hairdresser in the family” I replied “It would if I had hair” people get so embarassed when they say the wrong thing, I have a good laugh, it’s good to think they have actually forgotten what you are going through.

When I was first diagnosed, it was a terrible shock and my husband and I walked back to the car in silence. It must be said at this point that I am rather overweight and have been for many years! When we got in, I wailed “What are we going to do?” “We are going to fight this, together” said Mr Strong. Then he looked me up and down and said “Let’s face it, love. You’re not exactly wasting away, are you?” At that point, the tears turned to laughter and he kept me laughing all the way through my treatment.

after going through 5months of chemo in a bid to shrink the tumor and conserve my breast - i have quite small breasts - i found out the other day that im probably going to need a bilateral mastectomy. like any one would be i was pretty devestated at the news, but being only 24 and single i was particularly shocked and upset. after a while i sorted my self out and the doctor went out of the room to get something. my mum, who had come to the appontment with me, looks at me all concerned and says “are you okay?”. “well” i reply, “if i have to have a double mastectomy im getting a f**king boob job”.

Bald as a coot during chemotherapy and packing for our holiday.

OH says “don’t worry about packing shampoo - I’ll just use yours”

“D’oh Einstein - I’m using SOAP right now!”


Good style oedema during tax - barely able to walk

“Do you fancy a walk around the local area?”
“D’oh - have you SEEN these ankles?”


Yes Men…maybe he thought now you have your comfy shoes you could manage it…second thoughts no you’re right he just hasn’t got a clue.

On the phone to my friend the other day we were discussing losing my hair.
I said i would look an odd bod when I do lose my hair what with me wearing glasses as well.
She replied “don’t worry you’ll look like an old man!”
I wouldn’t mind but I’m female and only 33!!!

from a husband, such as i , it would be the first thing i would say …made me laugh. thanks

My tumor was grade 3- my BF said- ’ well, you always tried to get the best- even this you have to have a higher grade than other people!!’