Want to go on holiday, surgery 16th july

Hi want to book my summer holiday, i have surgery 16th july and start rads a month later. What i would like to know is, how soon did people go on holiday after their surgery? Were you told not to get the wound wet for a period of time?


Oh forget to say i am having all lymph nodes removed, and wle.


I don’t think there’s a set time not to get your wounds wet, it depends on how they heal. A lot of ladies on here seem to have got infections in theirs, so it has taken longer to heal.

I had WLE and some nodes removed 6 weeks ago. I’d say that I was ok getting the wounds really wet about 2 weeks after surgery.

Are you sure you just need rads, not chemo too? I didn’t know till after they got it out that I needed chemo.

It depends what type of holiday you want to go on too. I’d ask your breast care nurse.

Have a nice time if you do go away.


I had chemo, finished in March and had WLE on 15th April,finish rads next Fri 27th and fly to Spain on following Monday.I do still have a slight opening in my wound but taking dressings with me.


Hi Kinden, Mary

Thanks for your comments.

I have just finished six months of chemo, and didn’t go on holiday during it. Just wanted to sneak a beach holiday in, between surgery and rads…
But maybe its not such a good idea, if their is a risk of infection…