Wanting info

Been told I have to see oncologist as one of my nodes had cancer cells in it and I might need chemo. Problem is, I live a long way from the hospital and we don’t have transport. It will be a two hour three bus journey, so I’m a bit worried about that. I wondered if perhaps taking tablets rather than having intravenous might be better for me. Do you get the choice? Can you still have anti-sickness meds with tablets? Has anyone had oral chemo to explain it to me, or has everyone had intravenous? Sorry to be a wimp but I don’t fancy doing that journey home after treatment, plus there’s the time factor to consider. I’ve heard that treatment can take several hours and I might not get to hospital early enough, and getting home would be a nightmare.

Poemsgalore, sorry you find yourself with this dilemma. I dont know about oral chemo, not sure if it is available for BC, though I sure someone else will.
Your first dose of chemo usually does take a few hours depending on what you are having as they have to administer it slowly in case of adverse reactions.
In my experience, normally you feel ok immediately after, any sickness/nausea doesnt usually kick in for at least a few hours, so you should be fine for the journey home.

Hopefully someone will have more helpful advice for you. Good luck with all your treatment xxx

Hi Poemsgalore
The hospital will not be expecting you to travel on public transport, especially when your immune system is low as you will pick up all sorts of bugs. Ask if they have hospital transport, which is usually a patient transport ambulance/car. You may be able to get taxi’s paid for, either by the hospital or Macmillan do grants to pay for stuff. I do drive but I get my car parking fees for a pound rather than paying the usual fee.
Ask your chemo unit for advice, they are usually really helpful.

Have you spoken to your BC nurse you may be able to get help with transport to the hospital.

Some hospital hace volounteer drivers.

Hi poemsgalore, sorry you find yourself here. Unfortunately I don’t think you get a choice, I understand for primary bc that chemo has to be administered intravenously, someone will correct me if I’m wrong. can your hospital arrange transport? I know some hospitals have mobile chemo units, hopefully that will be an option x

Yes def ask for transport. I used to be a volunteer driver and they are normally private cars and oncology should sort this all for you. I agree no way use buses etc.


hi Poems - where do you live?
Some trusts offer chemo at home - a nurse comes round with the drugs. In Bristol I think you need a referral from your GP to get home chemo; it is certainly worth asking about.

Thanks all, I had wondered about hospital transport. I live notts/derbys so don’t know about chemo at home. Will have to sort it all out with oncology when I get my appointment through. Your info has been a Godsend. xxx