wanting to scream

Hello everyone! I am still waiting for excision biopsy results after 11 days. I feel sick, cold and have a weird sensation behind my eyes. Has anyone else had such a wait? ALso how did you all cope? Hospital are apparently phoning to night with an appointment time for tomorrow IF results are in. Could it still be positive news? I can hardly believe it any more!

Hello Ruith

Sorry to hear you’re had such a long wait - I hope you get some news soon. The waiting is the worst bit.

Take care and let us know what happens.

Love Anthi

hello ruith I am waiting fot the results of my lymphnode and lumpectomy was told it would be last monday but the pathlab was backloged so maybe thurs or tues. it is annoying, frustrating , and worrying and you get fed of people telling you to be positive. the only way i cope is when i feel like crying i do and blow to everyone. but i have used Bach rescue remedy which you can get from the health shops which when i was waiting for my first result i found it helped. all the best and i will keep you in my thoughts.