WARNING: Googling your user name

Hi All

Read something on here last night which really concerned me. If you google your user name everyone worldwide can read all these threads. I will probably be changing my user name to something not quite so “obvious” so hope you will all recognise me in the future.

Love to you all

That is really scary - just googled the names I use and they are all there for everyone to see including my email address. So much for not putting our email on this site! Hope the moderators pick this up and comment.

Hi All

We would like to reassure all users that personal information you provide Breast Cancer Care (eg email address and full name) during the registration process for the Forums is never made available either on the Forums or if you type your username in a search engine. The Forums are, however, open discussion rooms and any threads/topics which you have contributed to may appear in searches.

We always encourage all users to be careful about what information they disclose on the site, for example we do not allow people to use their real names as user names or give out email addresses. (for more details concerning online safety visit the ‘using the forums’ section of this site.)

From time to time forum members post links to other sites. Please be aware that in many cases Breast Cancer Care would advise great caution before visiting them.

Also note that Breast Cancer Care takes no responsibility for the content or conduct of any other site. We would always advise you to be very careful whenever you post on the web.

I do hope this offers some reassurance.

Kind regards.

Breast Cancer Care

yep, boards are often like this. welcome to the fish bowl…
Lilith is my usual boards name, so some people might recognise me… but there is no harm there. Also, it is a good idea to have a special “board” email, that has no links to your actual ID, and that can occasionally be used to give a reference - of course not on this board as it isn’t allowed (as I learnt yesterday).

Note also that blogs and other myspace and so can be damaging too if kept in your name: think of a prospective employer doing a google, and finding a BC blog… or whatever else private that you may not want to share.

I think if you keep a ‘BOARDS’ name and dont use any personal info on the internet you should be safe - it will only be you who knows who you are…

What is a BOARDS name?

FYI - I just Googled my BCPals username and got nothing so it seems to be a safer site to use in terms of privacy although I do prefer this one for layout etc.

A boards name is the one you use when posting mssges on sites on the Web as the moderator says be careful when signing up for mssge boards when they want your personal info…I trust this site but am more careful on other sites…???

Yep. I like to make friends on the boards I go to, so I keep the same everywhere I go… Lilith is a cool one, because I really like the legend behind, plus if you google it you find thousands of hits!