was anyone told...no we are recommending to stop chemo?

Hi ladies

I am clutching at hope and straws here…I just want to know how many if any ladies were ever told…there is nothing more we recommend after 7mnths of chemo.Only to go home and have quality time.

As you know by my other thread I am desperate, Debsincornwall has given me light as we have similar symptons…swollen enlarged liver where you look preggers, now her Avastin has helped reduced her liver tumours…I pray something can be done. I have to try…my for kids sake

P xxxxx

They are keeping my wife on FEC now, she has had seven doses now and they say she will never come off it as they do not know what they can give her next. She has liver cancer over some 75% but it has not grown so rapidly as yours.

I would fight like hell at the Marsden.

Take care


Good luck in your fight - I hope they are able to offer you something.

Love lilac

hi again…my onc once told me that if worst comes to worst she will introduce an old regimen that I’ve been on and showed good feedback but was a stopped after 6 cycles because they thought the drug has done it’s work…here usually chemo is taken up to 6 cycles and then stopped for monitoring and usually patient with relapse doesn’t want chemo anymore… but not yet to stop all together…hope you’ll meet with a solution too…keep on hangin tough…


Hi Paula,

Is it possible that you may have a build up of fluid (ascites) which could cause the sudden pregnant look? If so, it could be drained to help you feel more comfortable.


Dear Paula

I have just been reading your threads…I’m so so sorry to hear your news. Wishing you the best of luck on Tuesday at Marsden my thoughts and prayers are with you darling.

Judy x

Hi Jenny

My GP thought it was fluid but CT scans show no…its enlarged due to tumours…hell the hell has this happened in 3 sodding weeks…!! how ???

P xxxxx

hey paula

You’re going through crap, get a second opionion -make an appt with alison jones (harley street), she;s my oncologist and I trust her with my life, she will tell you the truth and then you decide from then what you want to do.

Please please contact her, her secretary is Teresa (i’m prob not allowed to give out phone numbers but look up cancer centre harley street)

money doesn’t matter when it’s your life at stake and it’s such a brilliant place they will only charge for things they have to charge for

please please get a 2nd opinion


Hi Paula

I just wanted to back up what Hannah11 has said. I’ve also seen Dr. Alison Jones at the Royal Free hospital in Hampstead and I was very impressed with her and also she is very highly regarded.

Also very highly regarded is Professor Michael Baum, Surgeon, Royal Free and University College Medical School, London. If you google either of these, their details will come up.

Wishing you all the very best and thinking of you.
Ruby xxx


if you look at Paula’s other thread, My Marsden Visit, you’ll see that she is now under the care of the fantastic team at The Royal Marsden,

best wishes to you,

Ann x