Wasn't too worried but now am...

I am 29 and I have found a pea sized lump in my left breast a few days ago…how long it has been there I don’t know but I just happened to find it. Anyway I thought it may just be a gland or something as my period had just started.

I went to see the gp y’day and she has referred me. I don’t usually worry or think too much about things like this…I had a smear last yr and found that I had CIN3 and was just calm and fine during that process.

Anyway, after seeing the doc, y’day eve I got undressed for bed and noticed that my left breast is actually quite different from the other one now, it hangs lower, the nipple looks like it has been sucked inwards and the skin is all wrinkly…really odd!! It’s not me seeing things either as my husband said he can see it too.

Anyway, I have a funny feeling that something is not right. I will await and see what the scans/exams etc say.


hi jbug in the same boat as u at the moment been to c the doc now waiting for my referal to come through i did panic a bit in the beginning but just trying to stay busy now to keep my mind of it, hope we both get good news x

Hello Jbug, Have you read the post above yours from little*miss. She is 22 and going through a similar worry like you. I think it is great that you have both taken the first step and been to see your GPs. Being referred to the hospital is teh next hurdle but you shouldn’t have too long to wait as there are targets for referrals like this. Howeever if you do not hear anything about an appointment please ask the GP or phone the hospital to check that your appointment is being dealt with. In other words chase them up if you have not heard anything. Now the waiting starts and for me that is the worst bit of the whole thing. Waiting for apppointments, waiting for results. But nomatter what the outcome we will be here to support you through it. Let us know how you get on. LOve Val ( I was in your position 20 years ago!).

Thanks Scottishlass, I have posted on the other thread too just to offer support…

I’m sure everything will be fine and it will all turn out to be something quite innocent…fingers crossed anyway. Will keep posting when I hear about a date.

Hi jbug, hope you get your referral soon. I’ve a funny feeling mine will be one of those that gets ‘lost in the system’ (from past experience ‘systems’ don’t seem to like me lol). It’s hard being patient especially after my pretty useless GP appointment this morning. I keep telling myself just to get on with things until then - got 2 xmas parties lined up weekend after next - but then the worrying gets me again. My mind’s all over the place at the moment, all I want to worry about is what kind I need to go with my party dress lol!! Please keep me posted on your progress, best of luck xxx

I wish they would hurry up and contact me to book the clinic appt!

Had some pains today in various places, kind of like dull aches. Could be glands of some kind?..anyway will fine out soon I’m sure! x

Hi jbug, Yes I am sure the waiting seems unbearable for you. The same is true when you are waiting for results. It is early days yet so you will just have to try and be patient but I do know how you feel and it is stressful. One day at a time though. Love Val X

Thanks Val, just received a letter in post when I got home this afternoon. Have it Tuesday 1st Dec which is a relief…not too long to wait. xx

glad you got your referral letter jbug, still waiting for mine! all the best xx

Just an update. Had my appt yesterday and first went in to be assessed by the Breast doctor. She had a feel and said that due to my age etc she thought they would be cysts. So I had an ultrasound just to make sure.

I felt a huge amount of relief until the sonographer started my scan. She said that I have 3 lumps in my left breast, they are not cysts and I would need biopsies of all 3 to see what they actually are.

Anyway, I now have a very sore left boob and now awaiting the results of the biopsy next Tues. I had a feeling this would happen!=(

I think it only really kicked on once the doc said to my husband “make sure you are here with her next week in case the news in bad”! Fingers crossed it is all clear.

Paula x

Hi jbug

Just noticed your thread here - so sorry you and ‘little miss’ are going thru this but this forum is great to get advice and support.

The biopsy does make your boob a bit sore but it will pass but it may take a little while - I had mine on the 18th Oct and the bruising has only just gone!. Hope all goes well on Tuesday and having hubbie go with you is always good for our morale.
Try to stay positive :slight_smile: Keep us informed of how you get on.
Love & Best wishes Leigh x

Thanks Leigh,

Getting nervous now!!! Hubby is not back from Cyprus until tomorrow so it has been a bit easier not having him around stressing as he gets more nervous than I do.

My paper stitches are still on though from the biopsies, they said they would come off after a couple of days. Should I take them off??


Hey Paula

How are your doing? Hope the weekend has been good and if hubbie is back I hope he and you have not been stressing too much:)

If you are feeling confident enough you can probably take off those biopsy strips now. Do you have any bruising? If so, bruising does tend to make your boob look worse than it really is so please don’t panic. If you are not feling confident than as you have your appt Tues the Breast Nurses can do it for you.

Try not to worry - easier said than done I know. Take care and let us know - Big Hug Leigh xx


Not good news I’m afraid…have been told that all 3 lumps biopsied have cancer, grade 1 ductal invasive. Waiting for MRI this week to check that it hasn’t spread the the right breast and lymph nodes. I need to make a decision about surgery and whether I should just have the left breast taken or have both done to be safer and have reconstruction straight away or afterwards when I am ready.

Dependant on the results of the breast tissue taken and what the lymph nodes show when they are removed, a decision will then be made on chemo/radio etc.

I will be drowning my sorrows in Mint Baileys tonight that’s for sure!!

I feel so awful as my mum and step dad only flew out to Florida on Saturday for a 2 week holiday to celebrate her 50th, she has now decided to come back home straight away. I have told her she really does not need to as I will probably not have surgery until the new year. =(

Paula xx

Oh Paula, I am so sorry at your news.It so awful when you realise your worst fears have been realised.BUT once you have a plan just take it one step at a time.Remember Grade 1 is good.I had 3 grade 1 lumps too.They say things come in threes don’t they?
I just had a R mastectomy and recon as my left breast was clear.
Good luck with the MRI,I had one too and they do show up everything so you can be assured they will find any other little buggers!
Love n hugs

Thanks Dot. I just couldn’t belive that all 3 lumps were cancerous…what a kick in the teeth hey?! xx

Hey Paula

So sorry re. your news - Dot is right though, one day at a time and when there is a plan of some sort in place you do somehow manage to function a bit better even though the worry is still there. Easy does it - keep us posted about the MRI.

How was the mint baileys? I start chemo next week and am very tempted to get a bottle for a bit of dutch courage!!:slight_smile:

Stay strong - sending you a big hug Leigh x

Leigh the Mint Baileys is lovely…with loads of ice! It certainly helps me go off to sleep nicely! xx

Sounds lovely but as I am on Femara, that would make me feel hot - in the unpleasant way, I mean!


Hi Anne

It is interesting to see that Bailey’s makes you hot.I am on Femara and that happens to me after alcohol of any sort, to the point that I have become tee total. It also happens with chocolate but some things are just too hard to go without.