Wasn't too worried but now am...


I haven’t had any Baileys recently, but the reason I say it is the same as you, any alcohol makes me hot. As far as the chocolate goes, that will be the caffeine in the cocoa.

Ann x

Hey Paula, so sorry to hear your diagnosis. I had my appointment today and will get my results on Thursday. They are pretty sure it’s nothing sinister but I’m trying not to think anything either way until I see those results. Best of luck with the MRI xxx

Oh Paula, What a shame. I am so sorry the news was not good. You Mum must be worried stupid too. I hate this disease and how it affects so many people but it is even more awful when it is someone young and beautiful as you. I hope you will keep in touch with us if you can and remember we are here for you anytime you need to sceam/shout or just for us to listen. Lots of love coming your way. Love Val