Wasp sting on radiation site!!--ouch

feeling good and smug this morning until when I put my bra on there was a wasp in it. Understandbly he stung me. So all the skin care i have practiced went out the window, i normally swell up, get infected and have a right to-do with wasp stings. so out comes the antiseptic spray, wasp sting relief spray all on that bit under your boob you are supposed to go carefull with and so far has just had a bit of mild peeling. Goodness knows how it will cope with this chemical onslaught

of all the places to get stung–why there??

oh poor you! are u normally this accident prone!? lol!!! alex x

ouchy ((((hug)))) i hate wasps grrrr

Blooming wasps- I hate them. I hope you are feeling better this evening.

no its got worse. the whole of the area between my breast and waist has swollen up.

but the big bottle of aloe vera that i bought and rejected for rads treatment has come into its own, i have slapped lots of that on and its really cooling

the offending wasp has been fed to the carnivorous plants

You poor thing I hate wasps! Be careful incase you are coming alergic as next time you could have that anaphlaptic shock thing. Sounds like a really bad reaction x x

I was stung twice by a wasp on my chest quite close to the mastectomy scar - it went really red, itchy and swollen. Went to the doctor after about 3 days and he gave me flucloxacillin 500mg qid x 7 in case there was an infection. I was OK but it took about 10 days between getting stung and getting back to normal.

Ouch indeed OAL. I know everything has it’s place in the world, but I’d quite happily make wasps extinct!!! Feel better soon, Simone xxx