Water sports after breast cancer

Hi all,

I had surgery in Feb 2009, went through chemo etc. In a few weeks I’d love to do some waterskiing/ wakeboarding again as the summer is here.

Have any of you had experience of getting back to more extreme sports after breast cancer.



Hi Munich

I had a mastectomy at end of 2007 and went skiing in 2009 and also this March just gone. I’ve just had another mastectomy and reconstruction and am planning reconstruction on the other side and intend to go skiing again next March 2011. The first skiing holiday in 2009 was harder in terms of lack of fitness and stamina but this year I went to the gym for 4 months prior to skiing and really built up my stamina and really noticed the difference - it was amazing and having had breast cancer certainly was not going to stop me!



I had my mx in November and finshed chemo in April and Rads in May. I stared back at sailing during rads, just careful not to get too wet. We had to downsize our boat though to something a bit smaller and less powerful as I’m the helm and the other boat was too powerful. I’ve had to made adaptions as such, such as using cleats and stuff to hold the ropes etc. Lovely to be back out on the water.
Next weekend I’m hoping to go surfing, really not sure how this is going to go so learning to accept I may have to become a bodyboarder instead of a surfer.

I snowboarded during chemo (when it snowed enough here we went up on the hills). I haven’t started climbing again yet but plan to. Other sports that I do, I haven’t done as I’m quite concerned about landing on my implant, however my consultant said it can take a fair bit of impact.

I’ve been told I can get back into whatever sports I want to do as long as I do it gradually and build myself up slowly. I’ve continued my streetdance and ballet classes during treatment, although it took until January before I could use my arm properly in ballet and I only attmepted floor work in street a few weeks back.

Get back out there but just be careful and build up gradually. My main worry is lymphodema as I’ve had all my lymph nodes out.

Em x

Hi there,

Thanks for the replies. Am now going to get out there and wakeboard again :slight_smile: Have also found a ladies dragon boat team near Bournemouth which looks like fun.

Love Julie


I do dragon boating in wigan and have also done it in the Lake District.I went surfing for the first time last week and i finished my treatment in March 2010!Had a reduction on my ok side in May 2010 as felt i was too big especially after right mastectomy and go cycling too and have been swimming.I do get very tired but love the water and have discovered all these things since having had breast cancer.I want to sail too at some point.

Hi Julie

Good luck with your watersports and don’t be put off. I went through treatment in 2008. I climb which can be quite intense on the arms and I too worry about lymphodema but I got fitted with a sleeve I wear prophylactically and have had no probs. I ran the London marathon in April and am now training to do my first triathlon. I swam my first open water swim yesterday at my local waterski centre where the water is so grubby I couldn’t see a thing!!! I was laughing to myself if I survive this I’ll survive BC!..