I mainly drink bottled water as I believe tap water is too full of heavy metals, loaded with chlorine and possible remnants of hrt and the pill also.

I buy Evian water but realise that this is not really an eco-friendly option. I did look into getting a reverse osmosis filter a few months back, but it is expensive and there is was evidence that it deleted too many of minerals from the water so making the water too acid or alkaline (can’t remember which).

Does anyone have a reverse osmosis system or any evidence on what it the best option for avoiding tap water?

Hi Gretchen

I don’t think bottled water is great if the bottles are plastic due the potential of chemicals to leach into the water. If it’s an option between tap water and plastic bottled water, personally I’d go for tap.

I have a filter fitted under my sink. It has to be changed every six months and gets rid of many of the chemicals. I’ll see if I can dig out some details. I’m lucky in that my brother is a plumber and sourced and fitted this for me.

I forgot to say, you could while you decide switch to using a ceramic (as opposed to plastic) water filter. That would eliminate some nasties.

I forgot to say, you could while you decide switch to using a ceramic (as opposed to plastic) water filter. That would eliminate some nasties.

PB recommend filtering, but then adding mineral drops. I’ll dig out the handout when I have a minute.

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Some time ago I attended a nutrition talk (broadly nutrition) at the Breast Cancer Haven which included a health warning about water in plastic bottles.I think the risk is that the water lies in the bottles for a long time before it is bought and drunk so pouringn some in a plastic cup from a cooler might not be a problem.They recommended filters - the kind that go under the sink and cost about £200.
I’m not a fan of bottled water unless it is an emergency and a glass bottle but sometimes you have to cave in or dehydrate.
Someone once pointed out to me the Evian is naive spelled backwards …!

norberte - yes I was! We were also given our own plastic water bottle to refill while we were there! I have to admit water is an issue I haven’t tackled yet - although I do try to avoid plastic bottles as much as possible, especially in the summer when they heat up and leach even more chemicals into the water. My desire to do the right thing is clashing with my minimalist tendencies, as my kitchen is getting cluttered with gadgets for the new healthy eating regime, I’m not sure I can find space for a water filter too. Hmmm

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Hmmm the whole water thing is another big issue and one that I have put a bit on the back burner. I only drank glass bottled water during chemo, but it is just too cumbersome and expensive for everyday. I made the decision that although plastic bottles can leach chemicals, I feel more comfortable with that than water that is full of chlorine and has come up through old lead pipes. I think it was a Chris Woollams book that gave a break down of what was in the water tap vs bottle vs filter vs reverse osmosis and bottled came up far better than tap.

Reverse Osmosis is a very expensive option, so might look into the PB option of a ceramic filter.